McGrady: Lakers’ Walton has actually done great job as coach

Coach Luke Walton, star forward LeBron James and the Lakers have had a bumpy ride this season.

Doc Rivers’ quick rebuttal of a rumor suggesting he is interested in the Los Angeles Lakers is bad for the brand, and frankly, current Lakers coach Luke Walton has actually done a nice job.

That was the gist of the conversation between ESPN insider Zach Lowe and former NBA star Tracy McGrady during their appearance on The Jump on Wednesday.

Perhaps the most notable comments came from McGrady. who indicated the rumors surrounding the Lakers are disrespectful to Walton. According to McGrady, Walton has actually made the best of a bad situation.

Meanwhile, Rivers shot down talk that he would have an interest in a potential Lakers opening, and Lowe said that’s quite a blow.

Watch the entire discussion in the video below.