Amico: New high for new Hawk Dunleavy

Mike Dunleavy soared in just his second game as a member of the Hawks.

Sometimes all it takes is the right trade to find your place. That seemed to be the situation for Mike Dunleavy, who erupted for 20 points in 23 minutes in Atlanta’s 111-98 win over visiting Milwaukee on Sunday.

Dunleavy is a 6-foot-9 swingman. He played 23 games for Cleveland after a summer trade. He was then dealt to the Hawks, along with Mo Williams and a draft pick, for swingman Kyle Korver.

Korver went on a major scoring spree in his third game with the Cavs. It took Dunleavy just two with the Hawks.

Does this mean Dunleavy, 36, has rediscovered the fountain of youth? Does it mean Korver, 35, will suddenly turn into an All-Star?

Hardly, on either account.

But both men may have found a place that suits them well, a place that may have revived their career a bit, a place where the can occasionally shine — even if it’s just once a week.

Dunleavy at least gave that idea hope on Sunday. This after he reportedly wanted his contract bought out following the trade from the Cavs. (Dunleavy basically called the Yahoo Sports “scoop” a downright lie.)

He did report later, using the full 72 hours allowed under league rules to make the move from Cleveland to Atlanta. But as he pointed out, most people would have a hard time moving their family from Cleveland to Atlanta in three weeks. Try three days.

Anyway, the bottom line on Dunleavy? He is with the Hawks and he appears happy, and for now, that is plenty good enough.