More coachable, MJ or Kobe? Phil Jackson answers

Phil Jackson opined on who was more coachable -- Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

Two of the most well known killer instincts in NBA history were possessed by Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

It served them and their teams well as Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships and Bryant led the Los Angeles Lakers to five titles.

They didn’t always play nice, with either their coach or their teammates, though.

Jordan once punched Steve Kerr in practice when both were members of the Bulls.

Bryant famously feuded with Shaquille O’Neal, forcing the Lakers to trade the big man.

Phil Jackson was fortunate enough to coach both Jordan and Bryant. So, who was more coachable?

Jordan, Jackson said.

“There was something coachable about Michael that Kobe didn’t have,” Jackson said while headlining Utah tech company Domo’s annual conference Wednesday. “But Kobe had an irrepressible fire.”

Jackson said if he removed Jordan from a game by trying to score all the time, sabotaging the Bulls’ offense in the process, Jordan would correct himself once he was put back into the game.

“He’d know what he’d done,” Jackson said. “He had a conscience.”

Apparently, Bryant did not.

“The reason Kobe was unhappy with Shaq (O’Neal) was (because of) his drive,” Jackson said when asked about the feud between Kobe and Shaq. “Kobe believed Shaq didn’t care enough about the game.”