Amico Hoops Radio: Talkin’ Cavs struggles

Who’s at fault for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ recent slide? What to do about Tristan Thompson, J.R. Smith and Jae Crowder? And is a trade on the horizon?

I discuss this and more with Kenny Roda & JT on WHBC 1480 radio. Listen below.

4 Comments on "Amico Hoops Radio: Talkin’ Cavs struggles"

  1. I would love to see some lineup changes NOW. What do you think about
    THOMAS, CROWDER, JAMES, GREEN, LOVE, I think this lineup provides athletiscm, versatility, size and a chance to have more D.
    And WADE, KORVER, JR, FRYE in the second unit,you need to pay attention to the fit of the players. How is it that everybody see this changes but TyLue, The Autobots needs to return to that second unit

  2. Macky de Claro | January 10, 2018 at 10:36 am |

    While the second unit played well with Channing Frye, Coach Lue had to include Thompson in the lineup replacing Frye because management intends to trade him before the Feb. trade deadline. The Cavs management has to trade Thompson for DeAndre Jordan for their team to have a strong chance to win a title. I am just wondering why Smith has to be a starter when he does not contribute anything to the team. He needs to be replaced by Wade in the first unit. It might be a better idea to put him on the third unit instead as Rose when he’s ready to play will replace Wade as guard in the second unit. I really don’t know what Coach Lue is thinking. Perhaps, he should be replaced before any player movement takes place.

  3. Aurora Dizon | January 10, 2018 at 9:04 pm |

    Why do you keep on trading JR &TTsince no one wants them and do you want to incur the ire of Lebron, messing with this friends, including Damon Jones, what credentials does he have to be a coach? I am waiting to see how Lebron will show what kind of man he is if you remove his friends.

  4. A logical lineup change for the cavaliers benefit is as follows: remove smith from the starting lineup insert thompson where he causes the least damage. Hence thomas, crowder, james, love, and thompson. Second string unit is more like the group that helped to win 18 of 19 games:wade,korver,green, frye, and smith. Two slshers wadr the playmaker and green the combination forward and three fine shooters in korver,frye and smith. This combination would easily have a consistently winning well connected ten man rotation. I am certain this helps optimize the starting and second string combinations far better than lue using love out of position at center at times no longer low post but behind the 3 point line and not rebounding well, and crowder the height of a 2 playing the 4 with undersized love and thomas is just consistent with lue’s odd combinations.

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