Vote: Where do Celtics finish in East?

The Boston Celtics added 11 new players to a roster that finished with the East’s best record and advanced to the conference finals.

But you can make it 10 following the gruesome ankle injury to Gordon Hayward — an injury that required surgery and likely cost Hayward the season.

That makes the Celtics a mish-mash of All-Stars such as Kyrie Irving, vets such as Al Horford, and up-and-comers with loads of potential in Jaylen Brown and rookie Jayson Tatum.

So where does that leave the Celtics in the Eastern Conference pecking order?

Vote below and leave your thoughts in the comments section midway down the page. We read them all and respond to many.

Where will Celtics finish in the East?

Still one of the top two seeds
Third or fourth
In the 5-8 range
Miss the playoffs


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  1. I voted in the 5-8 range, and by that I mean 5. Even without Hayward, I have a hard time seeing the Celtics fall behind anyone other than the Cavs, Wizards, Bucks and Raptors. Maybe, but I doubt it. (I doubt they will finish better than any of the teams I just listed, either.)

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