Vecsey: LeBron’s NCAA take lacking research

Cavaliers forward LeBrion James recently called the NCAA "corrupt" when addressing the state of college hoops.

LeBron James’ stance on the NCAA is way off base and the media failed to do its part in making the Cavaliers star explain his comments, Hall-of-Fame basketball writer Peter Vecsey asserted in his latest Patreon column.

James was recently asked about the FBI investigation that has rocked college basketball and responded by calling the NCAA “corrupt.”

“The NCAA is corrupt, we know that,” James told reporters. “I’m sorry. It’s gonna make headlines, but it’s corrupt.”

Vecsey contended that while college basketball’s governing body has its issues, it is hardly dishonest or unethical.

Per Vecsey:

How is that possible? How can someone of LeBron’s status say something so nonsensical, so fictitious, so malicious and not be challenged and chastised?

Clearly, LeBron does not know the meaning of the word corrupt. Can the press corps really be similarly unknowing? Or simply scared shitless to correct him when he’s dreadfully mistaken?

Vecsey did write that LeBron’s opinions on subjects beyond basketball are worth hearing. But in the case of college basketball (which James never played), some follow-up questions were needed — and never asked, according to Vecsey.

“LeBron James should do himself a favor and stick to subjects he’s well acquainted. With all due respect, that excludes college, specifically the NCAA,” Vecsey wrote. “Or at least show up in front of the camera properly prepared, with opinions and assertions that can be substantiated.”

You can read Vecsey’s full column on James and other NBA topics on his Patreon page (subscription required).