Your Ball: What’s next for intriguing Lakers?

It’s been an interesting season for the Los Angles Lakers. If you can look past LaVar Ball, most of it has been interesting in a good way.

The Lakers landed some fine rookies in Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma. They traded for dynamic veteran point guard Isaiah Thomas — who is extra motivated and playing for his next contract. (Thomas is a free agent at the end of the season.)

And Brandon Ingram has become one of the league’s most talented young swingmen.

That’s not at all. Besides Thomas, center Brook Lopez, guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, wing Corey Brewer and shooting big man Channing Frye come off the books at the end of the season — opening the door for president Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka to sign some big-time free agents.

How will it all play out? That’s hard to say. The question here is, how do (and should) NBA fans feel about the Lakers’ moves and future possibilities?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. As always, we look forward to reading what you have to say and potentially, hopping in the conversation ourselves.

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  1. Lakers will be interesting moving forward for sure. I know they got IT and Frye mainly to drop them at the end of the season, but holy disruption batman. They already have the LaVar thing going for them the rest of this season is going to be rough for those players not the team. Should be lots of drama filled headlines are to come.

    But what will be most interesting to me is WHO they pick up in the off season. What if George wants to stay and play for the Thunder and James realizes his best shot at getting back to the finals is through Cleveland? All I’ve heard about is those two guys. I’ll have to google who’s up this summer, but I have enough family and friends in LA that already are saying if they don’t get those two it’ll be huge bust.

    • Interesting thoughts from the perspective of LA fans — thanks for sharing. And I’d have to agree. If the Lakers don’t land George and James (or at least one), it’s going to be a major disappointment. I’ve been wrong before, but I think they only have a slight chance at George and none at LeBron. I think LaVar Ball is actually going to serve as a deterrent for free agents.

      If Lakers find that to be true by, say, the week of the draft, they need to trade Lonzo.

      Anyway, always appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts, as you often do. Regards! – Sam

  2. I think Lakers should strongly consider signing Avery Bradley and Nerlens Noel this offseason.

    • I think Cleveland should strongly consider signing Nerlens Noel.

    • I’m with you there — especially Bradley. He would bring professionalism and on-court stability to any team. Noel still has a nice upside and could be had for cheap(er). Thanks for commenting! – Sam

  3. Sam i find it ridiculous that you or anyone will consider it a major disappointment if the Lakers are somehow unable 2 obtain a free agent (George) whom you believe they have @ best a slight chance 2 obtain & a 2nd feee agent (James) whom you believe they have zero chance 2 obtain??? In what world does that even make sense??? You know what makes sense? The plan they have put in place 2 @ least realistically attract top free agents if/when the become available and the willingness 2 resort 2 Plan B when Plan A is unattainable. This is what successful companies do everywhere except I guess the NBA!

    • I also think major companies are majorly disappointed if their Plan A falls through!! 🙂

      You do however make a valid point. DeMarcus Cousins, Aaron Gordon, Jabari Parker, Clint Capela, Chris Paul and a host of other intriguing players all either become or can become free agents in 2018. And landing any of those would also be a nice pick-me-up for the Lakers.

      Either way, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! – Sam

      • VERY Nice response Sam. I understand and agree with your previous statement. It IS ACURATE AS STATED. The persons in LA thinking about it being a “bust” would be a proper thought.
        Your statement IS nicely generous — IT WOULD BE A MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT. You weren’t slamming anyone. It would be a disappointment to many of course. BUT You did NOT say that YOU personally would be majorly disappointed.
        The commentary of CLM tends to lead one to believe you would be personally disappointed. You did NOT say that, & I am exactly on board with what you DID say, including LaVar’s position of being a deterrent.
        I also agree, as you stated, about the Lakers chances at landing those two. Very generous and upbeat response.
        Your comments are always well thought out & I find them exceedingly enlightening
        and I thank you for that.

        • I am thankful at least SOMEONE understands me. 🙂 You’re right, I would not be disappointed if the Lakers didn’t land a big star, but I think THEY sure would. It is the very reason they traded two nice young players in Nance Jr and Clarkson for two expiring contracts. I think they have a shot at George but can’t see LeBron moving his entire family to play with a young team. Not when he can do it at home and have his kids go grow up playing in LeBron james Gymnasium. Thanks for the kind words and for taking time to comment! – Sam

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