NBA concludes Lakers did not commit violation in Simmons case

Magic Johnson spent his entire career with the Lakers, winning five titles. File photo

The NBA has found no wrongdoing after concluding a review of a possible tampering violation by the Los Angeles Lakers involving Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons, the league announced in a press release.

“We have concluded that Magic Johnson’s statements regarding Ben Simmons do not constitute a tampering violation,” per the league’s statement. “The Philadelphia 76ers initiated the contact with the Los Angeles Lakers by requesting a meeting between Johnson and Simmons.

“Both organizations ultimately concluded that such a meeting did not make sense at this time but in that context, Johnson’s response to a media inquiry regarding Simmons does not run afoul of league rules.”

Sixers general manager Elton Brand told ESPN Simmons has no intention of working out with Johnson or the Lakers, dding Simmons simply wanted the 76ers to help him facilitate “chatting with some of the game’s all-time greats.”

“No issue,” Brand said. “I have a great relationship with Ben and [his agent] Rich [Paul] and we expect him to be a Sixer for a long time. He has taken interest in chatting with some of the game’s all-time greats and we’re supportive.

“I had brief dialogue with [Lakers general manager] Rob Pelinka, who I’ve known for a long time, but nothing is planned. Our collective focus is on making a postseason push.

“Again, we’re not sweating this — end of story.”

Colton Jones contributed to this report.