Exclusive: Grizzlies forward Brooks aims to keep proving himself

Dillon Brooks of the Grizzlies averaged close to 11 points a game as a rookie.

Dillon Brooks, a second-round pick for the Memphis Grizzlies in 2017, had a phenomenal career at the University of Oregon. In all three of his seasons there, the Ducks made the NCAA Tournament, including a trip to the Final Four in 2017. Even with his historic career at Oregon, he was undervalued during the draft and his rookie season.

Fortunately for Brooks, he showed during his rookie season that he was not only a college star but a legit NBA player. He brings a unique focus and work ethic. Something a lot of young players receive flak for is the little things. Being a three-year player who went through the trenches at Oregon, that’s no issue for Brooks.

“You just gotta prove yourself every day that you belong,” he told Amico Hoops. “No setbacks and you’re understanding the game, understanding details.”

While he surprised people at the NBA level last year, Brooks believes there is plenty more surprise coming.

“I’m trying to accomplish way more, and as a team, we’re trying to accomplish a lot too,” he said after the Grizzlies’ season-opening road loss to the Indiana Pacers.

At Oregon, Brooks shot better than 40 percent on 3-pointers during his junior year, and he thinks he can show off his range at the NBA level this year. When asked what he could show this season that he didn’t last season, Brooks immediately said his range.

“A better 3-point shot,” he said. “I am a lot more confident, playing the one season (and all) 82 games. I feel confident in myself, in my shot, and my play and my understanding; my IQ.”

Brooks averaged 10.8 points and 3.1 rebounds a game last season. Considering the former Oregon star was a second-round pick, it’s safe to assume the Grizzlies got a steal.