NBA Mock Draft: Georgia’s Edwards still holding top spot

Anthony Edwards of Georgia is among those likely to be considered for the top draft spot.

Via Sports Illustrated

As you may be well aware by now, 2020 is probably not the best year for your favorite team to win the draft lottery. That doesn’t mean this draft won’t be full of intrigue — quite the opposite, in all likelihood — but there may not be a superstar-in-waiting to shift a franchise’s fortunes, and there’s certainly a lack of excitement across the NBA surrounding this incoming class.

And yes, being the bearer of subpar news can be mildly exhausting.

Here’s what we do know about this draft going into the New Year. Anthony Edwardsour preseason projected No. 1 pick, has begun to separate ever-so slightly from the pack in the minds of teams.

Some of that is on his own merit, but it’s also because James Wiseman left Memphis and will be more than six months removed from organized basketball come June, and because LaMelo Ball is sidelined indefinitely in Australia with a foot injury.

Those players have ostensibly become the consensus top three prospects, but it’s unlikely any of their current résumés would have put them in contention for the top pick in any of the last handful of drafts (in hindsight, 2017 hasn’t held up all that well, but that’s not really the point). A top pick in this draft just may not come with the type of yield you’d want in theory.

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