Weingartenn Mock Draft: Top 10 Edition

Josh Jackson of the Suns is reportedly not going to be involved in any trade packages.

In the 2017 NBA Draft lottery, the Eastern Conference’s current No. 1 seed, the Boston Celtics, received the top pick in this year’s draft. Many have stated who they think should be chosen with that top pick, whether it’s Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball or whoever else you could think of.

I’ve decided to do some research and see who are the real sleepers and who really deserves to be chosen early in this upcoming draft, so let’s get started.

1. Josh Jackson, Kansas- Boston Celtics 

Well, many would consider this selection a shocker. Markelle Fultz who many think is a lock at number one, might not be the one for the Celtics. With superstar point guard Isaiah Thomas, Fultz could see a backup role with the Celtics. Not only the fact that Fultz would have backup minutes but it wouldn’t even be the worst scenario if Josh Jackson was in a Celtics uniform next season.

Jackson, 19, has tons of talent at the small forward position. A good defender has amazing athleticism and can shoot the ball from behind the arc which is a plus at that three spot. Jackson is one of the BEST defenders in this entire draft. His jumper is very consistent and he does hit, although it could use some improvements.

2. Markelle Fultz, Washington- LA Lakers

Markelle Fultz, the man that everyone projected in that number one slot. Unless the Lakers want Lonzo Ball as much as he wants them, this is an obvious pick for Magic Johnson and his Lakers. With recent reports of a D’Angelo Russell trade, Fultz could go into that guard spot and work with a very young and talented offense.

Fultz is just all-around a special and unique player. He is an amazing offensive player who has unbelievable athleticism, he loves to drive into the lane and either create a play and find an open man or just dunk the ball down. He did lead his conference in scoring last season, he proved how consistent he is on a game-to-game basis, as Fultz averaged just over 23.2 PPG and shot 47% from the field.

3. Jayson Tatum, Duke- Philadelphia 76ers

With 2016 number one selection Ben Simmons returning from injury, 76ers will need a spot filled at the small forward position depending on whether Simmons will play point guard. Tatum wouldn’t be the worst selection for Philly. This could end up being an amazing fit, with Simmons probably taking over at the one spot, Tatum can fill a need that the Sixers haven’t really utilized over the past few years.

After an injury bug interfered with the start of a highly-anticipated freshman year, Tatum returned and became a spark plug for a Duke team that was struggling with drama, injuries, and losing games. He had multiple 20 point games and shined in some key games at the end of the season.

4. Lonzo Ball, UCLA- Phoenix Suns

Finally, the man we’ve all been waiting for. The kid that got his own shoe a month prior to being drafted into the NBA. Many of you must be thinking “will he drop to four?” well, yes. With recent stock on De’Aaron Fox rising to an extremely high level, Ball might wait a couple picks more to hear his name.

Ball is a very talented athlete, I think his father {Lavar Ball} has been a distraction to his career and many forget the type of talent this kid has. He’s a great two-way player, his court vison is one of his best assets. He was one of the nation’s best passers as he seemed to be find the right guy at the right time and always sets up his teammates.

5. De’Aaron Fox, Kentucky- Sacramento Kings

De’ Aaron Fox, what could be the player the Kings have needed for years. Not only will he be one of the best players available at the number five spot but he will also be the one that the Kings must draft. This kid showed how good he his last season at the University of Kentucky. He has great passing ability, can drive to the hoop aggressively, and always has a knack for stealing the ball on defense.

This will be filling a need for the Sacramento Kings, plus IMO Fox is one of the most NBA-Ready players in the entire draft. There are a couple of areas where Fox can improve but as of now he can go into the league and have instant impact with some fellow Wildcats around him in Willie Cauley-Stein and Skal Labissiere.

6. Dennis Smith Jr, NC State- Orlando Magic

This is a must have player for the Orlando Magic. Smith is undoubtedly the best player for the Orlando Magic, a team that is very forward heavy and could use a player like Dennis Smith Jr. With his aggresiveness and ability to get to the rack, kicking the ball out to a very good three point shooter could earn some assists for Smith.

He’s also a very good shooter, he can shoot from the perimeter but generates tons of offense by getting to the hoop and either drawing a foul or dunking the ball down.

7. Jonathan Issac, FSU- Denver Nuggets

This big man is exactly what the Denver Nuggets need. His ability to guard the paint and defend the ball is something that the Nuggets must have. He is also very talented on the other side of the ball as his ability to score the ball is excellent as well, He could improve in many areas, I say his quickness under the rim could improve.

He could turn into a franchise player for this Denver Nugget team and may be exactly what they’ve been looking for out of a big man.

8. Malik Monk, Kentucky- New York Knicks

I believe the Knicks will draft Kentucky G Malik Monk. This is the type of player the Knicks have needed, Monk is a freak athlete and has amazing range. This is a pick that could possibly change the current state of the Knicks in a positive way. With Carmelo Anthony likely out of NY, Phil Jackson could replace Melo with a player of Monk’s caliber.

Monk is one of the best offensive players in this year’s draft as well. Offense is definately a need for this Knicks team who averaged 104.1 PPG which is below the league average. Monk scored over 23.2 PPG at the University Of Kentucky and could have an instant impact with the Knicks but could still improve in many areas.

9. Lauri Markkanen, Arizona- Dallas Mavericks

With Dirk entering what could be his final season in the NBA, the Mavericks will have to find there next big man for the future. Markkanen is perfect to replace Dirk. One of the best shooters in the draft even though he is coming from the big man position. The European big man is coming off a spectacular freshman season at Arizona.

We watched his game develop over the first few months, we saw his offense develop into something to could be scary at a pro level. His defense is also a plus, his shot blocking ability is great, he’s also very good at contesting shots all over the floor. His lateral quickness could improve, on the other hand he would be a great replacement for Dirk.

10. Frank Ntillkina, France- Sacramento Kings

The second guard chosen by the Kings within the first 10 picks will be the mighty guard out of France. Just 18 years of age, Ntillkina could turn into one of the NBA’s brightest stars within the next few years. He is coming off an amazing year in France, winning awards, carrying his team, and developing into a lottery pick in the 2017 NBA draft.

His physical gifts have caught the attention of all NBA fans, he’s a terrific offensive player and his athletic capabilities will be great at the NBA level. As we saw earlier I had the Kings taking Kentucky G De’Aaron Fox, so what if these two guards team up, it would be a scary sight.