NBA players weigh in on where LBJ will end up this summer

LeBron James and the Cavaliers are headed to a fourth consecutive NBA Finals, according to Stephen A. Smith.

In a revealing survey of 48 players across the NBA, ESPN put together a list in regards to LeBron James’ expected upcoming third foray into unrestricted free agency this summer, as well as that of DeMarcus Cousins.

If the Cleveland Cavaliers’ superstar, who won his third All-Star Game Most Valuable Player award Sunday night at Staples Center in Los Angeles, declines his $35 million player option as expected, he will indeed become free to sign with any team.

Part of what ESPN’s survey found:

Where will LeBron sign in the offseason?

  • Cavaliers: 59 percent
  • Lakers: 22 percent
  • Heat: 7 percent
  • Other: 12 percent
  • Others gaining votes: Grizzlies, Rockets, Sixers, “Not the Cavs”

“He won’t leave after all the moves they made last week.” — Eastern Conference forward

Where should LeBron sign in the offseason?

  • Cavaliers: 66 percent
  • Heat: 8 percent
  • Lakers: 8 percent
  • Other: 18 percent
  • Others gaining votes: Knicks, Rockets, Sixers, “No team in the West”

“Honestly, I’m hoping that he stays in Cleveland, just for that city. … But I would definitely understand if he left. It’s a business. You see how they did Blake [Griffin] after bringing him in during free agency, telling him all of this and all of that, and then they trade him away.” — Eastern Conference forward