AH Radio: Cavs failing in all facets. Can they get it fixed?

J.R. Smith and the Cavaliers have struggled mightily vs. the Celtics in the East finals.

When the Cavaliers aren’t standing around and watching LeBron James on offense, they’re flat-footed and too often failing to rotate on defense.

On top of that, coach Tyronn Lue isn’t exactly having his best series, as the Cavs trail the Boston Celtics by a 2-0 count in the Eastern Conference Finals.

But now, everything is coming back to Cleveland. Can the Cavaliers still advance?

I discuss all that and more with Kenny Roda and JT in the latest Amico Hoops radio spot. Listen below.

2 Comments on "AH Radio: Cavs failing in all facets. Can they get it fixed?"

  1. You were on point again, with some extra passion to boot. Nice! Agree with so much of your perspective. Here’s the question I was not expecting: will LeBron turn passive and watch the Celtics beat the Cavs just like he did prior to The Decision 1.0? I wonder if he throws in the towel and tears off his jersey in the tunnel as he did before leaving Cleveland for Miami. LeBron is really being beaten by Brad Stevens. The luxury of having Lue as LeBron’s gentle/hands-off coach is really backfiring. Like Sam said, if guys are playing like crap, Pull Them Out and put in guys who have a spark. All the fans can see Cedi, Big Z, hell even Calderon could do better than the absolute bollocks that Lue is staging in the first two games. Boston can smell blood.

      YOU ARE RIGHT — IF this team is going to lose,(& looks like they ARE-if Lue stays in) I WOULD RATHER WATCH CEDI, ZIZIC, & CALDERON TOO. They may get blown by, but they scramble and try with energy & sometimes actually make their shots ! LUE’S LACK OF PLANNING ALL SEASON LONG & NOW IN THE PLAYOFFS TOO, BITES BADLY.

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