Amico Podcast: Cavs, Pacers and best outta three

Larry Nance Jr. and the Cavaliers aim to rise in Game 5 vs. the Pacers.

It’s all tied up. And now, the first-round series between the Cavaliers and Pacers is a best-of-three affair.

What do the Cavs need to do to win? What’s worked well for the Pacers? Is LeBron James leaving after the … oh wait. Never mind.

But I do talk all sorts of Cavs, Pacers and NBA with Chase Thomas right here on the latest Cavs on the Break Podcast. Give us a listen below.

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  1. It maybe too late for the Cavs to play like a team instead of LeBron supporting cast. The Cavs just dont play the right way. The Cavs can make it to the conference finals if Lue dont get outcoach. They will win this series. But going forward every team have at least 2 all-stars or play team ball and have a good coach .Cavs have LeBron.
    Is LeBron leaving? I would say yes but where would he go? Philly? After going throgh the process would they tear that down? Houston? Would Paul take a paycut? Capela would have to go. Lakers would be the more likely team but they have a very young core.LeBron does not like to play with young players. LeBron teams are built for 3-4 years. Lakers and Philly are built for at lease a 10-year run. Over the years no free agents in his prime signs with a LeBron team. Draft picks are usually traded away for guys who are not the same player when they play with LeBron. If Mitchell was drafted by the Cavs he would either be traded or sitting on the Cavs bench.

  2. Basketball is a team game of interconnected players,yet i can not help but have concerns of a starting lineup with calderone, korver, and smith along with james and love. Individually there are two shooting guards that are reserves, and a third string point guard. Yet let us hope the sum total, or whole, is greater than the sum of the parts. Otherwise the cavaliers will have problems wining the series against the pacers. Both hood and clarkson must haveb positive contributions consistently.

  3. NBA Junkie | April 25, 2018 at 1:11 pm |

    I said in some comment on this site – Cavs will have an easy tonight, with Lance probably getting a flagrant-2. Game six should be hard-fought, with Cavs winning.
    So, Cavs in six. Well, unless, Ty Lue interferes.

    LeBron’s destination is hard to predict now – even for LeBron, I guess. This is a strong FA year – and a few “I want outta here” players are in the mix, too. Having said that, LeBron needs another superstar of his own stature to continue his mission of chasing Jordan’s ghost. A player like Davis (LBJ chose him right after Durant in all-star draft), Cousins, Harden, Kawhi, Embiid (and Simmons), ……

    Philly will be the best bet. Strong support cast. Eastern Conference.
    Lakers can make it happen for him.
    Rockets can manage it, with difficulty.

    Cavs can make it happen – but the possibility is remote. If Kawhi can be traded for BKN pick + TT + Cedi (and/or Zizic and/or …..), it will make the Cavs a good 2-way team. The other pieces can then be adjusted accordingly. If Gilbert and LBJ are willing to make financial sacrifices, we may even be able to add Chris Paul or Cousins (buy-out or waive Hill or JR if they can’t be traded. LeBron settles for ~$25 million). CP/Boogie can also be sign-and-trade options if they would like to join LBJ and the Cavs. But, evem without CP/Boogie, Hill-Korver-Kawhi-LeBron-Love should be a champion team.

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