Amico Podcast: Can Cavs claim Game 5 on road?

Veteran center Al Horford is headed to the 76ers, according to reports.

With a maximum of three games remaining in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Cavaliers could be feeling good about having the edge in high-pressure situations. Experience, and LeBron James, are on their side.

But will that actually count for anything? And what must they do to win Game 5 at Boston?

Talkin’ all that and more on the latest edition of the Cavs On The Break Podcast with Chase Smith. Listen below.

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  1. I agree with your on Lue. I get frustrated by the play of the Cavs the lack of development/integrate of young players. Playing time is not allotted by players effort but age. No matter how badly Green and Smith plays they’ll get playing time over Nance and Osman. Even before the playoff started Lue said he was playing ten and he chose that 10 beforehand. That does not give confidence to the young players and we are seeing the result. The Cavs have LeBron they can very well win a chip this year and how can u fire a coach that has won a chip or gotten the team to the finals? With or without LeBron the Cavs will be getting younger Lue is not the coach for young players. Every player under 30 that have played for Lue has gotten worse.
    The Cavs in 6 in this series. Hope its Houston they have a better chance. Houston plays less youth than GW and plus a 7 man rotation.

  2. William Risman | May 23, 2018 at 8:33 am |

    The warriors have a whole lot of stiffs on their team, i saw non nba players quinn cook, a cavaliers developmental league player, omar caspri, another former cavaliers player, whom they cut, jordan bell the worst offensive player in the nba, and nick young, a bad version of jr smith, patrick mcCaw and a few other nba deadbeats. If kerr were play david west, nearly 40 years old, javal mcGee, pechulia they are substandard but superior to some of their other filth on the bench.
    Iguadala and livingston, both approaching mid 30’s are still fine players and fairly tall and versatile, yet their other reserves are not nearly as accomplished as the cavaliers bench.

  3. Great talk, Sam! Thanks so much, man. I had a hard day. I had to put my dog to sleep and my car broke down when I got to the vet hospital. I had to laugh at a certain point. And this podcast cracked me up when the interviewer asked, “Do you think Ty Lue uses Analytics?” Oh my God, that cracked me up! And your response was hilarious, too, when you improvised an Analytics breakdown. Awesome flow to that. Yeah, Hope the Cavs absolutely decimate the Celtics in Bean Town tonight. Go Cavs!

    • Sam Amico Sam Amico | May 23, 2018 at 6:34 pm |

      Man, I am very sorry to hear about the dog, and the car! Glad the podcast (and yes, Analytics) helped. Appreciate very much you following along. – Sam

  4. All right, Sam, thank you! My real name is Todd! So I guess I will use that from now on since you use your real name, too.

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