Power Rankings: Giannis, Bucks keep showing they’re for real

Star swingman Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks have won nine of 10 entering the week.

The Amico Hoops power rankings through games Sunday, Feb. 24.

1. Milwaukee Bucks (45-14): Giannis Antetokounmpo and the gang keep rolling, having won nine of 10.

2. Golden State Warriors (42-17): Home loss to Rockets proves Warriors not always engaged and focused, but playoffs a different season.

3. Toronto Raptors (44-17): Kawhi Leonard, improved wing play making all things possible.

4. Denver Nuggets (41-18): Nobody predicted this, but Nikola Jokic and overall depth have Nuggets flying high.

5. Oklahoma City Thunder (38-21): Paul George putting forth an MVP-type season and Russell Westbrook as good as ever.

6. Portland Trail Blazers (36-23): Everything continues to revolve around Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum, but Blazers just seem to have more this season.

7. Philadelphia 76ers (38-22): Lots of talent added since start of season; now just waiting for it all to come together like it can.

8. Indiana Pacers (40-20): Figuring out life minus Victor Oladipo as winners of eight of nine. Can they keep it up?

9. Houston Rockets (34-25): Still not consistent enough, but watching James Harden score has become must-see TV.

10. Boston Celtics (37-23): Inconsistency and bad losses continue to plague a team that was originally favored in East. The Kyrie Irving effect?

11. Utah Jazz (33-26): Donovan Mitchell remains dynamic and Rudy Gobert remains perhaps the league’s most underrated difference-maker.

12. Los Angeles Clippers (33-28): Playing as a team in every sense; may be Doc Rivers’ best coaching job yet.

13. San Antonio Spurs (33-28): Still seeking some consistency and a reason to believe they’ll be more than first-round fodder.

14. Sacramento Kings (31-28): Looking more and more like they’re a year away from really good things; but having fun today nonetheless.

15. Brooklyn Nets (31-30): Play the right way, always determined and fun to watch. All that and Caris LeVert is still working way back.

16. Los Angeles Lakers (29-30): LeBron James and young teammates still a clunky fit, with just 23 games to go.

17. Detroit Pistons (28-30): Blake Griffin and coach Dwane Casey haven’t been enough to get Pistons to next level. New pieces needed.

18. Charlotte Hornets (28-31): Will they win Southeast Division with losing record? Will Kemba Walker return? Still lots of questions.

19. Minnesota Timberwolves (28-31): Should be better, but still only one game back of Lakers and four out of final playoff spot.

20. Orlando Magic (28-33): Noticeable positive steps being taken under coach Steve Clifford. Offseason should be interesting.

21. Miami Heat (26-32): Falling further out of playoff race in Dwyane Wade’s final season. Perhaps just make it even more about him rest of way.

22. New Orleans (27-34): Scrapping and not letting turmoil get them down. Have won three of six games minus Anthony Davis since trade request.

23. Dallas Mavericks (26-33): Thoughts of Luka Doncic and a healthy Kristaps Porzingis make Mavs dream of downright scary team — starting next year.

24. Washington Wizards (24-36): This hasn’t gone well from the start, and it’s likely time to just focus on the lottery and lots of summer changes.

25. Atlanta Hawks (20-40): Trae Young and John Collins two huge reasons for hope, with two lottery picks likely on way next season.

26. Memphis Grizzlies (23-38): Started strong and finished with a massive whimper for the second straight season. What gives?

27. Chicago Bulls (16-44): Playing especially well lately, but will need at least a minor makeover in the offseason.

28. Cleveland Cavaliers (14-46): Kevin Love is back and the youth is improving. Schedule gets considerably tougher in March.

29. New York Knicks (12-48): Just waiting for offseason, when their dreams of Zion Williamson and Kevin Durant can maybe come true.

30. Phoenix Suns (11-50): Landing No. 1 overall pick Deandre Ayton has yet to pay off so they’ll just try for the No. 1 overall pick again.