Will Bogut injury hinder Mavs’ trade hopes?

Andrew Bogut reportedly has been traded to the 76ers.

Andrew Bogut is the Mavericks center for the time being, but no one knows for how long.

So why do the Mavericks worry and wonder about Bogut? Because right now, he may not be their only center, but he is their best.

And he’s certainly the trade chip they are said to be dangling most in this otherwise forgotten season.

AsĀ coach Rick Carlisle toldĀ reporters, Bogut is out with a hamstring strain for the “foreseeable future.” That means if the Mavs hope to deal him (and by all accounts, they do), they’ll likely have to wait until he can pass a physical.

With the trade deadline just more than a month away … well, things could get tricky.


Bogut is an interesting chip. He is far from an All-Star. He’s getting up there in age (32). He’s been injury-prone. He’s not much of a threat offensively. Everyone knows he wants out of Dallas.

But he is also one of the league’s most effective protectors of the rim. He plays smart, he plays hard, he knows how to pass, and he knows how to lead by example.

So that makes him a valuable commodity, especially for teams who expect to take part in the more-physical postseason.

It’s safe to assume Bogut will eventually be traded. But what the Mavs get in return may depend on how fast he heals.