Has Pelicans’ Davis made way to Celtics’ radar?

Anthony Davis of the Pelicans went down with a sprained left ankle Wednesday night in Sacramento and will have an MRI on Thursday.

Will star big man Anthony Davis remain with the New Orleans Pelicans forever? Probably not if the Pelicans don’t start playing like a regular winner, say some NBA insiders.

More specifically, Chris Mannix of The Vertical and Howard Beck of Bleacher Report recently did a podcast about Davis and the possibilities involving Davis and the Boston Celtics.

Mannix: “Boston’s sort of lurking out there. Boston, which still has infinite assets. They still are rich in these draft picks and young players…Is there any scenario where you would explore trading Anthony Davis?”

Beck: “From the moment they acquired DeMarcus Cousins [last season], my thought process went something like this: This isn’t going to work. DeMarcus is going to leave after one year. Everybody going to get fired. The Pelicans are going to end up in Seattle. Anthony Davis is going to demand a trade.”

Mannix: “If you’re the Pelicans, they’re going to be very few offers that make you pause for Anthony Davis. Spin it forward to next June and the let’s say ping-pong balls fall Boston’s way. The Nets are bad, let’s say they’re number one. The Lakers land in the two through five range. Let’s say they wind up at three. One and three and Jayson Tatum? That’s going to be hard for New Orleans to turn down.”

It’s way to early to predict Davis to be anywhere but New Orleans. But as the season plays out, it may be worth watching what happens with Davis, the Pelicans, and yes, the Celtics.