Clippers’ Griffin sees LeBron going to NY before LA

Blake Griffin is not expected to be in uniform for the Pistons against the Cavaliers tonight in Detroit.

Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin was recently a guest on the Sklar Brothers’ podcast, “View from the Cheap Seats,” and the hosts of the show asked Griffin to share his thoughts on LeBron James, who as we all know is rumored to be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers after this season.

Many are predicting James will take his talents to the Los Angeles Lakers next summer. Magic Johnson has the franchise trending upwards again and the team will have a good deal of money to spend in the 2018 free agency period.

Griffin, however, doesn’t see LeBron heading to Hollywood.

While the Clippers’ high-flying big man does think James and his banana boat crew of Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade will eventually team up, he doesn’t see Los Angeles as the place they will do it.

Per CBS Sports:

“Honestly, I don’t see him coming to L.A. period,” Griffin said. “Listen, again, I have no idea [laughs]. I think something is brewing with him and his group of guys. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I think something’s brewing and they’re going to try to make that work.

“I could see [LeBron] going to New York before L.A. I still think, when you go to the Garden, it’s a completely different feeling,” Griffin said. “The energy, there seems like there’s just a consistent buzz the entire game. … Even last year when you go play them, it’s still there.”

The Knicks are a walking disaster and currently trying to trade Anthony to the Houston Rockets so that he can join Paul and James Harden.

The Bulls and Wade are expected to reach a buyout agreement within the next few months, with the Cavs and Miami Heat as the two frontrunners to land him.