Report: Ainge aims for major Celtics trade

Celtics president Danny Ainge now holds the power of the draft in his hands.

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge has been looking for a major trade to put his team in real contention, and it appears that mission is not yet accomplished.

According to the Boston Herald, Ainge continues to seek his next big move.

“The roster as currently constituted doesn’t blend as well as the Celts would probably like, but that’s mainly a product of generally drafting the best player available without regard to role,” the Herald reported. “The C’s have been in no position to do otherwise as they rebuild and gather assets they can either keep or develop for value in the marketplace.”

The Herald continued: “Matters of size are certainly an issue for the Celtics, and not just up front where they still covet the so-called rim protector. Their backcourt rotation features the abundantly talented — but small — Isaiah Thomas (5-foot-9), Avery Bradley (6-2) and Terry Rozier (6-2), and while Marcus Smart (6-4) is doing a much better job running an offense, he’s often being called upon to guard small forwards and even power forwards.”

Despite some offseason additions, the Celtics look to be about the same as ever through the first 16 games. They play hard and compete under Brad Stevens, and have some nice talent and depth.

But they still seem to be missing … something.

Ainge is trying to figure out what that is, and clearly, aiming to fix it.

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