For now, Knicks’ Anthony not open to Pelicans

Knicks star Carmelo Anthony is reportedly eyeing a trade to the Rockets.

The New York Knicks have asked star froward Carmelo Anthony to expand his trade “wish list,” and that is something center DeMarcus Cousins of the New Orleans Pelicans may like to hear.

That’s the latest from the New York Post, which reported the Knicks continue to hope Anthony will agree to waive his no-trade clause for teams other than just the Houston Rockets.

The newspaper added that Anthony understood the Knicks’ request.

“The source said the Knicks brass has told Anthony he needs to do so because they are unwilling to make a ‘bad trade’ — and he seemed to understand the team’s position,” the Post reported.

But so far, it’s no dice for the Knicks, as Anthony has yet to budge.

Meanwhile, as the Post also pointed out, Cousins hinted at a desire to land Anthony, or perhaps Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving, in an interview with the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

“We need as much talent and as many pieces as we can get. I’ve reached out to everybody,’’ Cousins told the Times-Picayune. “I mean, I don’t want to throw names out there, but some of the biggest names that are on the block right now I’ve reached out to.”

It is believed the Pelicans would be interested in trading for Anthony.

But despite a strong admiration for Cousins, Anthony is believed to not be open to waving his no-trade clause for the purpose of joining Cousins, Anthony Davis and others in New Orleans.

Per the Post: “If the Knicks can’t find a trade that makes sense, owner James Dolan and president Steve Mills are adamant about not waiving Anthony or using the stretch provision. The thinking goes Anthony likely will opt out after the season, giving them cap space galore. His trade value also could skyrocket at February’s deadline.”

As for Irving, the Cavs can trade him wherever they would like — though any conversations with the Pelicans have been brief to this point, sources told Amico Hoops.