Vote: Should Cavs trade Love for Carmelo?

Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love have heard their names involved in trade rumors for at least the past two seasons.

The New York Knicks and Houston Rockets appear to be making progress toward a deal centered on star forward Carmelo Anthony. The Cleveland Cavaliers would also love to land Anthony, but the only way to do it may be to surrender Kevin Love.

If you were the Cavs, would you do it? Would you go get Carmelo if it meant surrendering Love? Or would you hold on to Love and hope the Cavs can add to their bench via other trades?

Or hey, maybe eventually, the Knicks will have no choice but to buy out Anthony’s deal. But let’s keep it to two options for now.

Vote in our poll below — then leave comments in the comment section, and I will respond.

Should Cavaliers trade Kevin Love if it meant getting Carmelo Anthony?

Yes, Anthony is better and improves title hopes.
No, losing Love for Anthony would be bad.

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7 Comments on "Vote: Should Cavs trade Love for Carmelo?"

  1. Hell no, Melo is older and can’t rebound and is a ball hog. Let him go to houston

  2. Love was better than Melo in every way but total scoring last season, and that was as the 3rd option. His contributions are criminally underrated. That trade would make the team worse next year AND beyond.

  3. Haha, love the passion from both of you! And Love, clearly, is what you want. 🙂

  4. Seriously, anyone that would give up Love for Carmelo does NOT understand basketball at all and are clearly persuaded by video games and/or a complete misunderstanding how the game is played. Adding a ball dominating volume shooter while losing a stretch 4, elite rebounder would be horrible to our team success. I’ll take Carmelo if we don’t have to give up much (i.e. Love) or via a buyout, but I’m amazed by how little so called basketball fans know about how the actual game works. Love for Melo would be disastrous.

  5. I’ll happily take him via buyout, but not if it means giving up KLove. An aging ball dominant wing who doesn’t pass, rebound or play defense particularly well? Nahhhhh

  6. Love and who else? Love is soft, no one wants him. Cavs were shopping him right after finals. No value in Love. Melo is a top 5 scorer in the NBA , give us kyrie and Tristan and we might consider it. Cavs fans are delusional morons.

  7. I probably wouldn’t trade Love for Melo. However if that were to transpire I think we would see a much more motivated Melo. He’d be more locked in defensively, wouldn’t rely on iso ball as much like he has to do in NY, and would likely be in better overall shape as a result of his motivation. I think Love’s contributions definately tend to be overlooked. But at this point the Cavs have to try SOMETHING. Adding a couple average bench pieces won’t help shorten the enormous gap between Cle and GS. Make no mistake, it’s a large gap. Adding a piece like Melo who can roll out of bed and get buckets can help eliminate those devastated 20-5 runs GS goes on. Better to go down swinging and try something than to go into the Finals with more or less the same roster and have similar or worse results.

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