Vecsey: Cavs make most sense for Anthony

Knicks star Carmelo Anthony reportedly is open to a trade that would put him next to LeBron James with the Cavaliers.

A trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers would make the most sense for New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, according to a new post from Hall-of-Fame basketball writer Peter Vecsey.

Anthony reportedly has told the Knicks he will now accept a trade to teams other than just the Houston Rockets, and the Cavs are on that list.

Vecsey reported Friday the Cavs and Knicks have begun negotiations on a potential Anthony deal.

“Considering Melo, 33, is fixated on competing for a championship before he loses his legs and lungs following 14 years of advancing to a Conference Finals a total of once (2008-09), I don’t pretend to understand why linking up with LeBron James wasn’t his principal priority from the jump,” Vecsey wrote on his Patreon page (subscription required).

Vecsey went on to write about a variety of trade scenarios involving other teams, such as the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets — but that ultimately, neither appears to have the pieces to make a deal work.

“Meanwhile, the Cavaliers definitely have the goodies, in terms of players and first-round draft pick(s), to procure Melo,” Vecsey wrote.

“There is one snag, though. A very doable deal would have to wait until October 21. Jae Crowder, who recently arrived in Cleveland as part of the Kyrie IrvingIsaiah Thomas transaction, isn’t eligible to be included in any package until then, I’m told. I am embarrassingly unfamiliar with the rule.”

A trade of Crowder and Cavs teammates Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye would be enough to make the salaries match for Anthony, Vecsey added.

4 Comments on "Vecsey: Cavs make most sense for Anthony"

  1. do not even consider Crowder in a deal for melo. Crowders versatality &toughness is more valueable than an old chucker.

  2. Don’t trade anyone or any picks for him. Just pick him up after NY buys him out. Good lord show some patience.

  3. No way do we give up Crowder. We basically traded Kyrie Irving to get Crowder and the Nets pick, so there’s no way in heck the Cavs give up either Crowder or the Nets pick. We are keeping both. Cavs have plenty of other young players the Knicks can have, such as Cedi Osman, Kay Felder, Iman Shumpert or Edy Tavares, plus a few vets that could help match salary, such as Channing Frye or Richard Jefferson. Cavs can trade their own first round pick, so that’s all it will take. It’s either take that offer or end up having to eventually buyout Melo and not get anything in return.

    • FYI… I’d rather give up Tristan than Crowder… I think we would be fine starting Love at center with Zizic coming off the bench. Throw Perkins in there for depth and Tristan suddenly becomes very expendable in this deal. But ultimately, I think a deal of our own 1st round pick, along with Osman, Shumpert, Felder, Frye and either Tavares or Jefferson to match salaries is plenty to give up.

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