Report: Anthony wants trade, buyout, but not Knicks

Knicks star Carmelo Anthony is reportedly now open to being traded to one of several teams.

Carmelo Anthony is not a happy camper right now, but then again, who would be if they’ve been led on for the past month like Anthony seemingly has by the New York Knicks.

The 10-time All-Star, who according to the New York Daily News has been preparing for a move to the Houston Rockets for nearly two weeks, is dismayed over the fact the Knicks have paused all trade talks involving him.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have also had a role in trade talks, though it appears they have yet to come close to a trade.

Anthony agreed to waive his no-trade clause for the Rockets and Cavaliers, and the Knicks were involved in a four-team trade discussion all week — with Anthony expected to be dealt to Houston so he can join Chris Paul and James Harden.

Acting New York president Steve Mills, however, is reportedly having second thoughts about a trade now that the Knicks have hired Scott Perry as their new general manager.

Mills reportedly wants to give Perry a chance to settle into his new job before he has to make a decision on Anthony.

That move by Mills is not going over well with Anthony’s camp.

Per the New York Daily News:

According to an executive of one the four teams involved in the proposed trade, all sides, including Anthony, are frustrated over reports that Knicks president Steve Mills is having second thoughts. In fact, ESPN reported that the Knicks want the chance to talk to Anthony about possibly remaining in New York, which at this stage in the process seems highly unlikely.

“That’s crazy,” a source told the News. “From what I understand Carmelo is under the belief that he’s going to the Rockets. That’s what the Knicks have been telling us; that they’re trading him. I can’t imagine that after all he went though last season with Phil (Jackson) he’s happy with this.”

The Daily News is also reporting that Anthony went to the Knicks prior to the NBA Draft and requested a buyout. New York denied that request, and Phil Jackson said he would try to accommodate a trade instead.

Jackson, of course, is no longer with the franchise.

The Knicks just continue to show that they are a walking disaster from top to bottom and can never commit to anything.

By all accounts, Melo-to-Houston was a done deal 24 hours ago and all that was left was for the parameters of the deal to be finalized.

But now Mills and the Knicks are having a change of heart and are open to the idea of Anthony being on the roster next year, something Melo clearly doesn’t want because New York won’t be in playoff contention.

Bottom line: The Big Apple never disappoints when it comes to unnecessary and avoidable drama.

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  1. Martin Reese | July 14, 2017 at 4:49 pm |

    So basically New York fumbled at the 2-yard line

  2. Martin Reese | July 14, 2017 at 4:51 pm |

    Not sure how truly close Knicks were. Houston wanted to trade. Knicks wanted to trade, but adding teams 3 and 4 makes for a very complicated deal. Never heard who else was involved or the players.

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