Report: Carmelo still expects trade to Rockets

Carmelo Anthony only wishes to waive his no-trade clause to go to the Rockets

The New York Knicks are planning to hold a sit-down meeting with star forward Carmelo Anthony, but according to a report from ESPN, it may not do much good.

Per the report, Anthony intends to tell the Knicks he would like them to move forward with their attempts to trade him to the Houston Rockets.

“Whatever stance a post-Phil Jackson front office is taking now, Anthony, 33, has continued with an expectation that the Knicks will soon resume talks to honor the franchise’s longstanding goal to rebuild without Anthony, league sources said,” ESPN wrote.

The website added: “Anthony has been willing to waive his no-trade clause for Houston and Cleveland, but in recent weeks he has begun to prioritize a trade to the Rockets to join Chris Paul and James Harden over the Cavaliers and LeBron James, league sources said.”

Several Amico Hoops sources refuted the notion Anthony would prefer Houston over Cleveland — citing the idea that the Cavs would still be a stronger candidate to reach the Finals in the easier Eastern Conference.

Either way, New York is likely no longer part of the equation for Anthony.

“The Knicks realize the odds are long of convincing Anthony to simply turn back on trades talks and accept a return to New York, especially given how aggressively Jackson had pushed to run Anthony out of town,” ESPN wrote. “If it was Jackson primarily responsible for going to great lengths to publicly shame and discredit Anthony, it was not only Jackson within the franchise that Anthony and his camp knows played a part in the campaign.”