Your Ball: What to do about Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony seems like he could end up with just about anyone, except the Knicks.

Everybody has an opinion about Carmelo Anthony. OK, maybe not so much about Anthony the basketball player as where Anthony should go next.

Right now, Anthony is still a member of the New York Knicks. According to multiple reports, he would like that relationship to end, and fast. And hey, the Knicks aren’t far behind.

It’s hard to envision the sides spending another minute together, much less another full season (or even a training camp, for that matter).

Interestingly, there isn’t really any bad blood between Anthony and the Knicks. It’s more like a bad marriage, where both parties feel like maybe they’ve hung on a little too long. And when they finally decide to end it, there is usually no turning back.

But this basketball divorce is complicated.

Anthony, 33, is due to make about $26 million this upcoming season, with a player option for about $27 million next year. That’s not an easy contract to move.

Throw in the fact he has a no-trade clause in his deal and, well, it only complicates things more. As much as the Knicks want to move Anthony and start anew, he’s only gonna go where he approves. So far, Anthony has told the Knicks it has to be either Houston or Cleveland, with Houston seemingly the leader.

Then again, the Rockets have known they’re the so-called leader for some time, and still haven’t been able to pull off a deal. And the Cavs seem like they’re just sort of sitting back and waiting for the Rockets to continue to fail.

Meanwhile, the Portland Trail Blazers are lurking in the shadows, watching and knowing they can offer the Knicks the most in return. And with the likes of talents such as Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum recruiting, a strong belief that maybe Carmelo will add them to the wish list.

So far, though, that has not been the case.

But hey, you can’t blame the Blazers (or anyone else for trying), and you cannot say for sure they (or anyone else) is entirely out of it until it is actually resolved.

Either way, what do YOU think? Where would you prefer to see Carmelo — Houston, Cleveland, Portland, New York, or some other random spot?

And where do you think Anthony will actually end up? And who might be traded to get him there?

This is you chance to let us know everything and anything you want about Carmelo-gate. So please do by letting us know in the comments section below.

We don’t always have time to respond, but we always read and usually enjoy every last thought. And when it comes to this particular topic, we cannot wait to see what you have to say.

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  1. Trejean Watkins | July 18, 2017 at 11:44 pm |

    Honestly it’ll end up being the Rockets. I know both sides want this marriage to end and the new Knicks FO doesn’t wanna make this situation a whole big deal like Phil Jackson did. Plus I really don’t think the Knicks are gonna swallow Anthony’s contract for nothing unless the Knicks Knick and we’re all surprised and he ends up going to the cavs. Latter part is more likely however.

    • Great stuff, Trejean. I like the “unless the Knicks Knick.” Made me laugh! – Sam A.

  2. Jake Parmley | July 18, 2017 at 11:53 pm |

    Cleveland, Saw him playing pick up with Kyrie this morning and I have to believe him and Lebron and maybe JR are recruiting him to Cleveland. I do think eventually it will be Tristan and Cedi for Melo.

    • Interesting thoughts, Jake. I think the Cavs only have to wait a month to deal Cedi Osman, now that he’s signed. They’ve certainly mentioned him to the Knicks before, so … you may be on to something. – Sam A.

  3. Adrian in Aus | July 18, 2017 at 11:53 pm |

    As a Portland fan, I’d like to see him in a Blazers uni knowing full well how unlikely it is. I think a combination – or all – of Harkless, Turner, Vonleh – may do it. I think Melo fits perfectly next to Nurk and will take a lot of the scoring pressure away from Dame and CJ as long as he knows he’s not the first option any more.

    If he leaves next summer, we also get to clear a chunk of that shocking salary.

    • Adrian, I think it would be a lot of fun to see what would happen to the Blazers if they could sneak in and pull this off. But yes, haha, shocking is a good way to describe the salary. Thanks for reading! – Sam A.

  4. Jake Parmley | July 18, 2017 at 11:55 pm |

    Houston I don’t think will be able to find other teams and once they do I think Cavs will offer the Tristan and Cedi package which would beat what they have..

  5. As a Knicks fan: I think he’ll work something out with Mills and Perry and stay in NY for at least another year. The triangle is no more and Anthony can play at a style he’s most comfortable playing at.

    As an NBA fan overall: His career is coming to a near end and if he wants to win now, he should go to Cleveland or Houston and get that elusive title he’s so desperately coveted and let NY go through its rebuilding process and start building around KP.

  6. Zach Alkhrisha | July 18, 2017 at 11:55 pm |

    I hope its the cavs. Like you said, they’ve been sitting back and watching it seems. I believe a deal that includes TT/shump, or a deal with Frye and shump etc are both better deals than what houston is offering. Frye can mentor KP and he’s an expiring contract. However, houston is a lot more hellbent on making a move and because of that its likely they pull off a multi team deal. With the cavs you never know, though. Cleveland is closer to his family and offers him a better chance to win I believe. I just want something to happen fast.

  7. I’d like to see him in Cleveland. Cakewalk to the Finals, and it would be great to see Melo on that stage. Not sure if it puts Cle on GS’s level or not but it seems like the only move Cleveland can make to “try” to improve. If Cleveland is hesitant to trade Love in any Melo deal I think they should go for it. There was such a huge gap between the teams last year that it almost can’t hurt them. Also would make a great headline.

  8. Also, Sam, where does your gut tell you?

    • I’m with you on those previous thoughts, Nick! If he joined the Cavs, I think, he’d had have a better shot at a title than trying to get past the Warriors in the West with the Rockets. Plus, I think he’s a better “fit” next to LeBron than Paul and Harden. But to answer your question, my gut tells me Houston. Other than that, I have no real feel for it. I honestly think it’s still a toss-up. Thanks! – Sam A.

  9. I’ve spent some time figuring out some trade scenarios for Cavs and don’t understand why Cavs haven’t even attempted these offers:

    NY gets Bledsoe, Shump
    CLE gets Carmelo, Chandler
    PHX gets Thompson, Frye, 2nd round pick


    NY gets Harkless, Vonleh, Davis
    CLE gets Carmelo, Aminu, Protected 1st
    POR gets Love, Shump

    • David, this is good, lots of moving parts, and it may take this type of deal to make something happen. Thanks for sharing! – Sam

  10. I believe Lebron sent out a clear message yesterday with the whole frustrated comments being released. GO GET CARMELO. So he eventually ends up in Cleveland in my opinion. Not sure about the fit. But I believe lebron would trust Melo more than Kevin. Kevin has been a non-factor in three straight finals.

  11. As a New York fan I would except almost any senerion that landed us Bledsoe. That guy is awesome! In his prime and his energy would inspire the young guys and take some of the pressure off of KP. I would take that PHX trade David mentioned even if we had to also give up a pick

  12. Houston has more pieces and seem to be willing to give up more. They are a clear front runner unless Cavs is willing to give up love or Thompson which would be a mistake as they are to difficult to replace. If rockets can work out a deal that Knicks and Anthony like than he can come over in a buyout. More likly,I think they have great chance at getting wade in buyout but not until deadline.

  13. What have we always known about Lebron? His actions and words r very deliberate. Subtweets about teammates. Insinuations at press conferences. It all had a purpose. These reports of him being frustrated and very much the same. This is a call out to the front office to go get carmelo and get him now. I think a deal to Cleveland gets done somehow.

    My best bet says 3 team deal with ny cle and Phoenix. You mentioned Phoenix gm’s have referenced like frye and they can use some veteran leadership on such a young team. Knicks want Bledsoe. Otherwise, I think straight up cle ny. Houston doesn’t have the contracts or moving pieces that will work with a trade in my opinion. I think that’s also why they signed mbah a mouth. Now with tucker and mbah a mouh they have two nice small forward options plus Anderson. I’m not seeing a fit in Houston plus two ball dominant guards in Paul and harden.

    Pho shumpert frye
    Cle Anthony
    Ny Bledsoe felder osman


    cle Anthony
    Ny either Tristan/frye/osman or Tristan/shump (doubt they want him back)/osman

    That’s what logic tells me but this off season has surprised me in every way so far so who knows. If carmelo wants his best shot for a ring, it’s Cleveland.

  14. Or and this is nice for the knicks

    Ny Bledsoe thompson
    Cavs Anthony oquinn
    Phoenix frye shump

  15. I have a nice four team trade.
    Hou gets melo
    Detroit gets etwan moore and Alexis ajinca
    Pelicans get Ryan anderson
    Knicks get ariza and Reggie Jackson maybe a pick

    Cap Numbers work I think

  16. I like the NY BLEDSOE TT
    but ima MELO n Knicks fan Id love for him to stay but IMO not going to happen. I’d love to see Shump back in the garden great on ball d n hops. Shoulda got Rondo years ago perfect fit for Knicks n MELO. I love QUINN game but whatever is best for the team. I JUST want to see the Knicks win again n MELO be the one to do it his legacy would be tremendous if he brought ring to the Mecca. Wishful thinking lol.

  17. Mitchell L Schwartz | July 19, 2017 at 11:55 am |

    I think the obvious 3 team deal is Love to Portland (where he is from) Portland assets to NY, Melo to Cleveland. Not sure I think the Cav’s are better with Melo than Love, but worth trying it out. Then Shump and Frye are moved in other deals.

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