Blazers said to be eyeing a run at Anthony

Carmelo Anthony may have to start camp with the Knicks, after all.

The Portland Trail Blazers may be exploring the idea of trading for available New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony, according to a report from ESPN.

The Blazers aren’t on Anthony’s known short list of teams for which he would waive his no-trade clause, but according to the report, they may try to convince him to give it a thought.

And who knows? With the likes of talented guards Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum, perhaps Anthony could be swayed.

“Portland believes the addition of a player such as Anthony would furnish it with talent and depth comparable to those of the top Western Conference contenders, except for the Golden State Warriors, league sources said,” ESPN wrote. “Because of that, the Blazers have little, if any, inclination to facilitate an Anthony deal that would land him with a Western Conference rival such as Houston, league sources said.”

Anthony has made it clear that the Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers are the teams that could get him to waive the no-trade clause. Unlike the Blazers, those teams each of have one of Anthony’s closest friends — Chris Paul with the Rockets and LeBron James with the Cavaliers.

But neither team has been able to facilitate a trade, mostly because neither can really offer the young pieces the Knicks supposedly covet. The Blazers, on the other hand, do have those type of players.

Still, none of it will matter if Anthony refuses to waive the all-important clause. In that sense, he controls his destination. But at this point, it’s easy to believe he would chose the Trail Blazers over the Knicks, were the Blazers his only other option.

The Knicks are planning to meet with Anthony, but ESPN reported he is still expecting them to work out a trade with the Rockets.

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