What would it take for Hornets to trade Walker?

Kemba Walker appeared in 80 games for the Hornets this past season.

It’s not outside the realm of possibility that the Charlotte Hornets could trade Kemba Walker this offseason. They explored the possibility at the trade deadline and with a new management team in place, led by general manager Mitch Kupchak, the Hornets might decide to try again.

But what could the Hornets get in return for their high-scoring, 28-year old playmaker?

Well, according to ESPN analyst and former NBA GM Bobby Marks, a lottery pick and young player could potentially seal a deal.

Marks was speaking to the Charlotte Observer, which penned an entire piece on the possibility of Walker getting moved.

Per the report:

“The starter has to be a first-round pick in the lottery – now or next year,” Marks projected, saying he’d also expect a young player as part of a package for Walker.

And what about convincing a team to take a bad contract off the Hornets’ payroll?

“The only way that happens,” Marks predicted, “is if the other team gets a commitment long-term” from Walker to re-sign.

Walker averaged 22.1 points and 5.6 assists in 80 games last season. While he has said he wants to play for a regular playoff team, he is said to like Charlotte and playing for the Hornets. According to the Observer, he is even building a “dream home” in North Carolina.

But his value is high, and you can be sure the phone will be ringing, opposing teams calling to ask about his availability.

“There aren’t a lot of All-Star point guards out there,” Marks told the Observer. “Walker is an asset a lot of teams would see as a way to get better.”