Bulls a mess and Wade very well may be goner

Dwyane Wade’s return to his hometown has gone considerably worse than LeBron James’ return to his own. That much we can say without a doubt.

And Wade in Chicago has been a mess, but it’s not necessarily all Wade’s fault — or even partially his fault.

Either way, a column by Ken Berger of Bleacher Report suggests Wade could leave in free agency after the season.

Per Berger:

Chicago is a team at a crossroads, and it’s not a pretty sight. After an era of success that fizzled amid Derrick Rose’s persistent injury woes—and the organization’s latest ugly coaching divorce, this time with Tom Thibodeau—finding a new direction was never going to be easy.

The Bulls were expected to be contenders, or at least relevant in the Eastern Conference, following the addition of Wade and Rajon Rondo to holdover Jimmy Butler.

But chemistry has been just a rumor under second-year coach Fred Hoiberg, already on the hot seat and having issues when it comes to keeping the respect (and attention) of his team.

“In fact, a scout with a rival team told Bleacher Report he’s witnessed persistent episodes when Butler, Rondo and Wade have ignored plays Hoiberg has called,” Berger wrote.

So Wade in Chicago?

Well, it hasn’t gone the way either Wade or Chicago would like. And by the start of next season, Chicago should still be there, but Wade very well could be somewhere else.