Cavs to seek further compensation after Thomas physical

The Cavaliers' trade of Kyrie Irving to the Celtics is complete, per a report.

As expected, the Cleveland Cavaliers will seek further compensation from the Boston Celtics before finalizing the Kyrie Irving trade, according to a report from ESPN.

After Isaiah Thomas took his physical with the Cavs, Cleveland immediately began weighing its options upon finding out Thomas is not even close to 100 percent.

ESPN is also reporting that if Boston doesn’t agree to a restructured deal, the Cavs will threaten to veto the trade.

Thomas re-aggravated a labral tear in his hip during the 2017 playoffs and there was some speculation he might need laparoscopic surgery.

Instead, Thomas and his camp decided to forgo surgery, a move that is clearly going to cost him in the long run.

Sources have told Amico Hoops Cleveland is thrilled they were able to get versatile forward Jae Crowder and the coveted 2018 Brooklyn Nets’ first-round pick in the Irving trade, two pieces they want to hang on to.

It is unclear what else the Cavs may be seeking from the Celtics, but many expect general manager Koby Altman to ask for either Jaylen BrownJayson Tatum or the other first-round pick Boston has at their disposal (they own the Lakers’ 2018 first-pick).

This all comes down to how bad Celtics president Danny Ainge wants Irving. Ainge is a firm believer that Irving will take Boston to new heights alongside Gordon Hayward, but is the All-Star point guard worth giving up another valuable lottery pick or ready-now player?

That’s the question Ainge and his staff will have to answer soon.

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  1. How about the Celts sending Thomas and a pick to Phoenix, the Cavs sending Shumpert to Phoenix, and Phoenix sending Bledsoe to the Cavs?

  2. I’d prefer Brown or Tatum over another pick. Cavs need to get some younger athletic talent on this roster if they expect to compete with GS. I’d actually prefer Brown over Tatum now that he has a year of both regular season and playoff experience under his belt… seems like Brown would be a great fit here at SG. Even if Wade comes, I see Wade as more of a PG at this point in his career, so I could even see Brown starting for the Cavs at SG. Perfect matchup against GS defensively and talented enough to make guys like Klay Thompson work on defense.

  3. Sounds like Ainge is going to play hardball. The Cavs will probably get a second round pick. I’m still for voiding the trade if we can. No point guard no real shot at a championship.

  4. 4 solutions to this deal (NO COMPROMISE):

    1. Jaylen Brown
    2. Jayson Tatum
    3. Horford and the Lakers pick
    4. VOID the trade

    Give Boston these 4 options. Whether the Celtics want to keep or include Thomas is irrelevant at this point because he has zero trade value. Cavs need to get a SIGNIFICANT player back in this deal. Tatum, Brown and Horford are the only 3 significant players the C’s have left to deal. If they fail to offer any of these 3 players, then it’s very simple. We VOID the deal and move onto another team. There are plenty of other teams interested in Kyrie Irving. If we void this trade, then both Thomas and Crowder will immediately demand a trade. Then the Celtics will be forced to deal 2 disgruntled players for whatever they can get, and that certainly won’t be anything the caliber of a Kyrie Irving. We void this deal, and the Celtics are screwed.

    • I second this. No compromise. Ainge has zero leverage in this situation, despite what the Boston media would like you to think. IT has virtually no trade value at this point. Cavs may not get a unprotected pick, but they will be able to land some young talent and protected 1st rounder still. Celtics will get back their Nets pick but who cares? Their are 2-3 teams this year in full tank mode, Nets are trying to win. Veto the deal and go to Denver, they have pieces to get this done.

  5. I agree no compromise as well. The fact that the Cavs went back to the Celtics to ask for more compensation tells you the Celtics were not telling the cavs the full story on that hip. The cavs are not going to come back at Boston if they were aware of the full situation with Thomas, the trade would have either needed more at that point or would have never been done. Boston was trying to pull some crap over and not giving full disclosure on the severity of the hip thats obvious now. I think if the cavs dont get a very nice asset out of this they will void this trade, since they probably feel mislead alittle as to the severity of the injury. All these Boston honks talking about 2nd round picks can stick those worthless picks up their rearends.Get a quality asset Cavs or void the trade and move on. The cavs can always get another lottery pick from someone else in a trade.

  6. Ainge is only going to offer chump change. I was hoping to wake up today to news of the deal being voided.

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