Report: Cavs have fielded trade calls for Nets pick

Koby Altman is no stranger to the NBA trade deadline, says former GM Bobby Marks.

Over the last 48 hours, multiple teams around the NBA have reached out to the Cleveland Cavaliers with interest in trading for the Brooklyn Nets’ 2018 first-round pick — arguably the main gem in the Cavs’ return in the Kyrie Irving trade.

The Nets’ pick is a substantial asset that the Cavs have at their disposal. While general manager Koby Altman hasn’t decided the end goal in regards to what he wants to do with the pick, sitting back and seeing what teams will offer him is likely what is transpiring currently.


As owners of Brooklyn’s No. 1 pick, which could be a top-five pick in next year’s draft, Cleveland has fielded numerous calls already about a potential trade. It could be a part of a major trade package for the Cavs later this year, or, conceivably, the Cavs could make that pick next June.

Cleveland also has its own first-round pick in 2018, which it can trade. The Cavs also have multiple trade exceptions and second-round picks, and are pleased with their assets for potential trades or to replenish the roster in the event of a rebuild.

If you’re Altman, something to consider may be calling the New Orleans Pelicans to gauge interest in completing a trade involving star big man DeMarcus Cousins.

Cousins will become a free agent after this year. If he and Anthony Davis can’t get the Pelicans turned around and they struggle to start the season, New Orleans will be tempted to move Boogie out of fear of losing him for nothing in free agency.

Perhaps a package along the lines of Iman ShumpertChanning FryeCedi Osman and the Nets’ pick would net Cousins.

As reported earlier on Amico Hoops, the Pelicans are among the teams said to have an interest in Shumpert. is also reporting the Cavs will not rush Isaiah Thomas back from his hip injury and the team is optimistic he’ll return to the court in the 2017-18 season and contribute at a high level.

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  1. Trade the Nets pick for Cousins, then trade Tristan to the Knicks for Melo, then sign Bogut.

  2. I don’t think the Nets pick gets traded unless LeBron says he is staying. He wouldn’t commit for Paul George and Bledsoe trade so it is doubtful he would say he is staying for Cousins. Therefore, I don’t think it gets traded. He probably will stay but doubtful he says so before July. I wish he would after being a large cause of the last 4 weeks of turmoil.He has the right to not commit but I wonder if he would have had more rings if he would committed more. I sure can’t think of an instance where it has helped anything.

  3. That pick will stay until January that’s for sure, whether they will use it or not depends how the Nets are going by that point. Pelicans are a very interesting team to deal if theit record is not great in a very competitive WC. AD can maybe push them for a trade and package of Love Osman(Zizic) Nets 1rd Cavs 1rd and maybe a 2nd round pick could probably fulfil the demand. I can’t see Boogie very helpful he will be a FA next summer and with Thompson paid that much you can’t keep both.

  4. Obviously we would much rather have Anthony Davis instead of Cousins. But looking at the situation from New Orleans’ point of view, I just can’t see any logic in why the Pelicans would trade away such a young franchise player for a chance at drafting another rookie to replace him. Davis is a legit superstar, and he is locked in for a long time. Even if the Cavs threw in Love, Thompson or both with the Nets pick, how does that help N.O.? Yes, Davis would be the perfect player for the Cavs to actually give them enough at both ends to beat GS. And yes, Davis would be a better fit here than Love. One thing the Cavs lack is enough 2-way players. However, I think it’s pipe dream to even contemplate the Pelicans trading Davis. Hitting the reset button makes no sense when your franchise player is only 24 years old. I also don’t get the rumors of Boston thinking they have the assets to trade for Davis. They no longer have the Nets pick, and they clearly do not want to give up Tatum, so what exactly does Boston think they left have to give new orleans? If anyone could trade for Davis, it’s now the cavs and only the cavs. If the Cavs somehow got Davis, I think the Warriors would suddenly become the underdogs. A team with AD and LBJ would be dangerous.

  5. I think the Cavs are going to keep a very close eye on Kristaps Porzingis or DeAndre Jordan in the near future. The Anthony Davis situation is like hitting the lottery. Everything needs to go right.

  6. William risman | September 3, 2017 at 3:25 pm |

    If the cavaliers have any chance of keeping James and winning a world title this season it is imparative to trade the first round draft pick acquired from the celtics by way of the Nets. With the way Tyronn Lue illogically uses his bench the team needs another stellar player to team with James, Love and others to establish a realistic chance to win the NBA title. No way James commits to staying long term with the Cavaliers by trading the first round pick and others for Cousins, Anthony, or a preeminent player. However James will more than likely remain with the Cavaliers if they win a Championship this season and trading the valuable draft pick increases those odds; so by all means stop hedging about using the draft pick to rebuild if James leaves and remain pro active to better the chances of wining a championship and keeping James with the Cavaliers.

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