Wade admittedly out of sorts with Cavs

By all accounts, Cavs fans should be thrilled Dwyane Wade is gone from the team.

Dwyane Wade arrived a few days into training camp and has looked a little lost, a little old during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ first three games.

But the worst may have come in a 114-93 stunning upset of a loss to the visiting Orlando Magic on Saturday — when Wade finished with five points on 2-of-8 shooting.

That happened one night after a four-point performance in a win over the Milwaukee Bucks.

Wade, 35, is a 12-time All-Star and the starting shooting guard. He beat out J.R. Smith for the role. But Wade admittedly isn’t quite comfortable yet.

“I’m trying to find it, man,” Wade told reporters in Cleveland, via ESPN. “It’s very different, different than I’ve ever played. Just trying to find my way, as we go on, see how I can be best for this team. Everything’s happened so fast. This has been a long, a long week.”

Wade added that he’s used to being the first or second option everywhere else he’s been. That included his days running next to current Cavs teammate LeBron James during their time together with the Miami Heat (2010-14).

That has no longer been the case in Cleveland, where Wade is well behind James, Kevin Love, Derrick Rose (when healthy) and perhaps even Jae Crowder.

“It’s just a different game,” Wade told reporters. “You got to kind of figure out your way.”

On the bright side for Wade, James is indeed his teammate and James remains one of the game’s premier distributors. And James often takes on projects to get his teammates to start feeling good about themselves again.

“We’ve got to get him going at some point,” James said after scoring a team-high 22 points.

“That’s something we’re going to look at and we’re all trying to figure it out as well. But we’ve got to get him going. Hopefully we can do that on Tuesday.”

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  1. William risman | October 22, 2017 at 9:36 am |

    Wade seems listless and a bit disoriented yet is not to be unexpected the manner in which he signed a contract late september and has not been able to get accustomed to the style of play. Lebron james and others can help wade by acting as a decoy and facilitating a means of geting him the ball in a position where there is a high probabilityfor scoring. Wade is a great back down guard and plays well in the low post where he has a size advantage over some smaller guards. Establishing some easy baskets for him may increase his confidence and then transfer to his high post and distance scoring on mid range jump shots in transition and various quarter court sets.

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