Insider: Cavs could offer best package for Walker

The Cavaliers could offer the best package for All-Star point guard Kemba Walker, according to an NBA insider.

When ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news Friday that the Charlotte Hornets have made All-Star point guard Kemba Walker available, the NBA’s trade season became much more intriguing.

One of Wojnarowski’s colleagues at ESPN, Kevin Pelton, believes the Cleveland Cavaliers could offer the best possible package to Charlotte in exchange for the high-scoring Walker.

Pelton writes the Cavaliers could ship two-time All-Star point guard Isaiah Thomas, veteran big man Channing Frye and the much-coveted unprotected 2018 draft pick of the Brooklyn Nets to Charlotte in exchange for Walker and center Johnny O’Bryant.

Yes, I wrote Thursday that the Cavaliers should hold on to the Nets’ pick rather than trading it to improve their championship hopes this season. But that was under the assumption that DeAndre Jordan was the best player likely to be traded by the deadline, and Walker’s availability would make things more interesting.

Pelton then explained why the deal would benefit the Cavaliers.

Dealing for Walker would be a hedge against the possibility that Thomas doesn’t get back to All-Star level after his hip injury. Walker’s also a little bigger, which makes him a better defensive option against the NBA’s best teams. And Cleveland would be buying another year of team control. While Thomas will be an unrestricted free agent next summer, the Cavaliers either would be getting cost certainty with Walker making $12 million in the final season of his contract or have the ability to trade him if LeBron James departs via free agency.

Pelton believes the Brooklyn pick, acquired by the Cavaliers along with Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and Miami’s 2020 second-round draft pick in exchange for four-time All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving on Aug. 22.

From Charlotte’s perspective, the Brooklyn pick is the best they’re likely to get offered for Walker, and the Hornets might also be able to flip Thomas for another expiring contract before the deadline and get additional picks. However, making this move would prevent them from gaining additional cap relief.

The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 8.

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  1. As enticing as a trade for Lou Williams and Deandre Jordan is, I do prefer a slightly bigger deal for Kemba Walker and Dwight Howard. What would make a Charlotte deal even more enticing, would be to include Thomas, whose contract situation will be a problem in the offseason. If the Cavs do not want to pay Thomas a huge contract this offseason, they risk him just walking and signing elsewhere. Our best bet is to trade him now and get Walker. I’d offer Thompson, Shumpert and Thomas in exchange for Walker / Howard.

  2. Seems goofy for Pelton to even suggest this when the goal of moving Walker is to shed other salary. Cavs could still be a partner but a good national reporter should have been closer to parameters. How about Shumpert, Thompson, Frye, Thomas, and 2018 CLE FRP for Howard, Walker, and Kidd-Gilchrist? This saves Charlotte a lot of money and allows them to still be competitive this year. Cavs get center, pg, and defensive wing. Costs them 15 million or so this year.

  3. Btw, Bens comment was not posted when I wrote mine.

    • I like either deal (Walker & Howard or Walker, Howard & MKG). I have to disagree with Don McCormack though, because getting Walker alone is not going to solve our problems at center / rim protection. Getting Howard solves that issue, and some. Like him or not, Howard is a physical presence on both ends of the floor. Getting both Howard & Walker would be huge. A starting lineup of Howard, Love, James, Smith & Walker and a bench of Rose, Wade, Korver, Osman, Crowder, Green & Frye… the deal I suggested frees up a roster spot, where we could add another big man, possibly Bogut or Perkins for depth at center. More importantyl, we rid ourselves of Tristan Thompson. Trade the Brooklyn pick, Thompson, Thomas & Shumpert – get back Walker & Howard. It’s a no-brainer. (salaries are a perfect match)

  4. Kemba and Dwight is better than DeAndre and Lou Williams. The Hornets players are under contract for another year, so they can’t bolt like DJ and Isaiah can after the season. Then the Cavs would be stuck with a useless Brooklyn pick (it’s a total crap shoot in the draft), Jae Crowder and nothing for Kyrie Irving. This way you turn the assets into Crowder, Howard and Kemba and you get to dump TT the cursed one, broken Isaiah, and the falling draft pick. Good plan, fellas.

    • Amen to trading away the curse. Now we just need to get this info over to Cavs management. Sam, work your magic.
      Cavs get: Walker & Howard
      Hornets get: Thompson, Thomas, Shumpert & Brooklyn pick


      Cavs get: Walker, Howard & MKG
      Hornets get: Thompson, Thomas, Crowder, Shumpert & Brooklyn pick

      Between these 2 trades, it comes down to: do we want to keep Crowder, or swap him with MKG? Personally, I’ve never known MKG to be much of a shooting threat, but I rarely get to see him play. Has that changed? MKG is easily the better defender, better athlete and all around player though. He was a #2 draft pick, so maybe the latter deal is something to consider.

  5. Dwight has been vilified since he left Orlando in a very bad way, but if he comes to the Cavs, he could really fulfill his potential. He’s not going to be bullied by all the Warriors the way TT is. And he’s a real shot blocker, or at least he used to be. I haven’t followed his game this year, but he puts up a much bigger double double than undersized TT, that’s for sure.

  6. sorry,can’t see howard. try walker,gilcrist, and Kaminski for thomas ,shump,frye,rose,zizic,&nets pick. got younger& more flexible financially. call Phoenix and see about thompson for chandler& daniels. starters: walker,gilcrist,james,love chandler.bench:wade,korver,green,crowder,kaminski. sorry jr

    • The more I think about it, the more I’m 100% positive that we need to trade Crowder. He gets his shot blocked more than Thompson or Thomas. Also tired of watching him chuck 3’s and play lazy defense.

  7. Here it is! The perfect trade! it took me awhile to mix and match salaries and ideas, but this is perfection. The best thing about this trade is that Walker and Howard are both locked up for 2 years… and after that, Howard will not be expecting a huge salary, so he will come cheaper, which will allow us to offer Walker his expected larger salary. It all comes together like a scene from the A-Team.

    Cavs get: Walker, Howard, MKG
    Hornets get: Thomas, Crowder, Thompson, Shumpert & Brooklyn pick

    • to add another possibility… we could keep Shump and trade JR Smith instead…. just sayin lol pick your poison

      • Yeah, at this point, I think injured Shump has way more value than healthy JR, lol. I can’t see any team wanting JR in a deal.

  8. Cavs do not need to include the Brooklyn pick. Offer their own number one pick along with Frye and Isaiah, for Walker and either Howard or Williams or Kidd-Gilchrist

    • MJ wants that pick. He didn’t make Walker available just to try and shed a bad salary. Why is everyone so hung up on keeping that Brooklyn pick? Make this deal for Walker, MKG & Howard, and we at least have enough firepower and defense to compete for another title.

      • I’m sure MJ does want that pick.. but he will take the salary dump & Cavs 1st rounder when he realizes that’s the best he can do. Not giving up Nets pick for that.

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