Amico Podcast: On Love and Cavs’ roster

Kevin Love and the Cavaliers may be better than ever already.

Kevin Love has been moved to center and seems more comfortable than ever. I talk about that and all things Cleveland Cavaliers in the latest Amico Report Podcast.

Listen below.

2 Comments on "Amico Podcast: On Love and Cavs’ roster"

  1. Good one. I agree with most of your points – Wade being better than (you and) I expected, Crowder being the best wing defender Cavs have had in a long time, Love expected to be an offensive force as a Center, ……

    However, I believe it will not be wise to cut RJ. He is pretty darn good, and I see Boston or GSW picking him up if Cavs cut him.
    We should try to get picks (even second rounder) for Shumpert/Frye/Felder/Tavares/RJ – any one or combination of these.
    If Felder is still believed to be serviceable, try moving Calderon. There might not be any takers, though.
    Shumpert is good, but it might be too much to keep him AND Osman. And I am with you – Cavs should keep Osman.
    With Love playing C and TT & Zizic in roster, Tavares is expendable – particularly because he is slower than Zizic.
    Frye is a defensive liability and even with his sharpshooting, adds little value.

    • Loved the thoughts … thanks for taking the time to comment! I agree with you about Jefferson. Last thing Cavs want is him going to either Celtics or Warriors. It would hurt nearly as bad if it were Calderon. But yeah, I think you do everything in your power to trade a player to a non-contender with cap space as oppose to just outright cutting a guy. Anyway, thanks again. Always enjoy your comments on here. – Sam

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