Amico Cavs Podcast: What about Love?

Kevin Love of the Cavaliers could be on the move this offseason.

It’s obvious the Cavaliers didn’t have enough to match up with the Golden State Warriors this time. What about next time? Will there even be a next time?

Here, I take a look at what the Cavs may need to do to improve the roster, and yes, it may involve dealing Kevin Love. But maybe not, too.

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  1. Kyrie had the cold game in game 5, otherwise the Cavs likely would have won = It was a close game. Kevin Love actually showed up in all the games whether it was rebounds in one game and points in another game.

    I think the Cavs could simply trade Shumpert for Wilson Chandler, and/or trade Frye for Darrell Arthur, or add Serge Ibaka from Free Agency, BUT DO ADD *Tyreke Evans* from free agency + Either Wilson Chandler or Darrell Arthur.

    If the Cavs do in fact trade Love then they should pick up Patrick Patterson, Serge Ibaka, or Darrell Arthur as stretch options in the post who can defend. DeMarcus Cousins for Love would be okay also, BUT REALLY I THOUGHT LEBRON WAS #1 IN THE FINALS, and Love and JR were the two 2nd best players overall, but JR did not figure how to beat the defense until game 3, so, Love gets the overall all edge as the #2 best player in the series. Kyrie choked, perhaps because of injury, but he was playing poorly before he hurt his knee and back in game 5. Tristan is the one who was not getting rebounds, but came through pretty good in game 4 and 5 when he was on the floor.

    SURE Paul George is an ideal player to match with LeBron, but George does not want to be talked about like KD, I mean I think that bothers George more than it does KD, and George does not want to go there one year, and see LeBron leave for LA, or MAYBE I AM WRONG BECAUSE GEORGE’S CONTRACT ENDS NEXT YEAR…and George could play for a championship with LeBron potentially and then go to L.A. BUT that is not good for Cleveland, unless both LeBron and George wanted a dynasty in Cleveland, but we know that both LeBron and George like L.A, but we do not know how much LeBron is thinking about L.A. Basically, LEBRON + GEORGE ARE BOTH FREE AGENTS NEXT YEAR 2018, and they could both sign for the Lakers next year if they want to. AND now I see why Indiana could like getting Love in return for George who will likely leave them with nothing in return next year.

    BUT on the more conservative side of things = THIS COULD HELP CLEVELAND BEAT THE WARRIORS ALSO =

    PG Kyrie, Tyreke
    SG JR, Korver
    SF LeBron, Tyreke (both optional PG’s), Chandler
    PF Love, Chandler
    C Tristan, Taj Gibson


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