Report: Cavs express displeasure with Love

Cavaliers forward Kevin Love remains in the league's concussion protocol.

Things have been no fun for the Cleveland Cavaliers lately, and when that happens on the court, it can often lead to frustration (to say the least) off of it.

Right now, that appears to be precisely what is happening with the Cavs, who visit the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night. The Cavs have lost 10 of 14 and are among the worst defensive teams in the league.

They just surrendered 148 points, at home, to the Oklahoma City Thunder — matching a franchise-record for futility that last took place in 1972.

Now comes a report of some finger-pointing, directed solely at power forward/center Kevin Love.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Cavs “held an emotional team meeting prior to Monday’s practice, where several players challenged the legitimacy of Love leaving OKC loss on Saturday ill and missing Sunday’s practice.”

Wojnarowski, citing sources, added that the Cavs’ locker-room is “increasingly full of finger-pointing.”

Later, he wrote: “Love defended himself and explained his side to teammates, coaches and management, sources said. At end of meeting, there was a sense with some that team had worked out some issues, but that ultimately remains to be seen.”

It ultimately sure does.

The meeting was reportedly “loud and intense,” per Wojnarowski, and included coach Tyronn Lue and general manager Koby Altman.

“Within factions of the locker room, there has been blame for the Cavaliers’ struggles directed at everyone from Love to Isaiah Thomas, to Lue and the front office, led by Altman,” Wojnarowski wrote, again citing sources.

Translation: The Cavs are a mess and four of their next six games are against teams with winning records. The other two are against the Detroit Pistons, who are fighting for their playoff lives.

Of course, at this point, so are the Cavs. But from the sounds of things, that’s not the only fighting they’re doing.

Either way, the Cavs are currently exploring trades and said to be especially determined to make at least one move prior to the Feb. 8 trade deadline.

It appears that now, more than ever, they could use one.

7 Comments on "Report: Cavs express displeasure with Love"

  1. Too disgusting not comment on. Love has done everything this team has asked including moving to center and getting his butt kicked in. He is not a center yet has said nothing and I think maybe Saturday for those brief couple of minutes getting mauled by Adams, he quit. The Cavs problems run deep starting with anyone in the front office that refuse to get a “true” center for years. I laugh watching them try to build this team to beat the Warriors and put together a unit that won’t make the finals and play no defense. Hoping that in this meeting it was mentioned that LeBron fails to cross the timeline on numerous defensive plays. Probably not – after all he is the chosen one.

  2. Aurora Dizon | January 22, 2018 at 11:36 pm |

    My God, did they question JR who looks crazy to me, drunk or high, TT who is lazy and incompetent. This is being done so they will not trade for JR and TT, all Lebron’s friends. In fact I am disappointed in Love for his shooting but Like Kyrie he cannot take defense & offense at the same time. He is not as strong and looks like physically weak. I was so afraid he will get hurt or sick in the playoffs.His role is too much for him. He is not a center. I feel he is trying his best. Who are those players questioning him ? They have no right. He and Lebron are the only dependable in this team. Hope mgt. can see this conspiracy against Love.

  3. A drowning team grabbing at straws. A guy who didnt play didnt give up 148 points. So many players coming Lue defence means that they see him as the problem.

  4. Scapegoat city at its finest!

  5. The Cavs have poor perimeter defense and no rim protection. Individual agendas and egos are harder to check when losing.
    I would start the following lineup:

    Ante Zizic at center…true center, rebounder, defender, better offensive game than Tristan Thompson. Bulldog, fighter mentality.
    Kevin Love at PF…true PF can stretch floor, play high post, and high pick and roll/pop.
    LeBron James at SF….enough said.
    Cedi Osman at SG…. 6’8″ length, tenacious, can fill lanes, rebound, and defend…brings ENERGY.
    Isaiah Thomas at PG… offense, no defense…,scorer, can help space floor. No way I resign this cat, if I can draft another PG.

    C/PF combinations: Frye/Crowder or Thompson/Green to maintain scorer/defender
    SF – Korver or Crowder
    SG – Wade or JR or Shump (depending on matchups)
    PG – Rose or Wade or Calderon (depending on matchups)

    The Cavs second unit has been fine. The first unit has been terrible. They need to trust and integrate the rookies NOW because they shore up current weaknesses.

  6. If Zizic and Osman are answers we are in trouble. However, you and everyone else not named Lue have identified two big issues, JR and Crowder in the starting line-up. They are the WEAK links….overrated on defense and bring little on offense most nights. TT has lost his tenacity on the boards and provides little help on offense. LBJ, Love and IT are on an offensive island with the starting lineup and if one is off we are in an immediate hole.

    • Statistically, Cedi Osman is the third best defender on the roster, behind Shump and Jeff Green. If you are basing this on defence only, the first two guys that get turfed out of the starting lineup are JR and LeBron. These two are the crappiest defenders in the starting five, statistically, and by simply using your eyes. Neither of them attempt to play anything resembling defending.

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