Cavs Notes: Nothing close in Kyrie trade efforts

Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers are still together -- for now.

A recent report outlined a Phoenix Suns’ trade proposal for Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving. The deal reportedly went like this, according to a Minnesota sports radio station (and detailed by

Veteran point guard Eric Bledsoe, second-year power forward/center Dragan Bender, and a first-round draft pick … for Irving.

Needless to say, this is something the Cavs would turn down. They love Bledsoe and they certainly like the idea of a first-round draft pick from a rebuilding team. As for Bender, well, not so much.

Bender is 7-foot-1 and was the No. 4 overall draft pick in 2016. But he clearly has a ways to go, and the Cavs don’t really want players who clearly have a ways to go in return for a dynamic and dazzling All-Star.

Will there be more talks between the Cavs and the Suns? It certainly seems that way. The Suns do in fact want Irving, but perhaps not enough to surrender anyone of consequence outside of Bledsoe.

Meanwhile, the Cavs are said to be feeling no pressure and showing no desperation in Irving trade talks. They’ve had plenty of conversations but are close to nothing.

They may take a break from the Suns and Minnesota Timberwolves, and start to get more serious with others.

If they don’t receive precisely what they’re looking for in return, yes, Irving will be in training camp with the Cavs — regardless of the awkward environment that could result.

But camp is about eight weeks away, and the Cavs are continuing to engage with the Suns, as well as many others. This could, it seems, go on a while.

“They’ll find a deal they like, and it will be a very good one,” an opposing general manager told Amico Hoops. “But I doubt it will happen quickly.”

Then again, trade talks are hard to predict and can change quickly. “It could also happen at any minute,” the GM added.

Here’s more out of Cleveland:

  • One supposed holdup in the Irving talks? A recent report that he won’t commit long-term to the team that acquires him. Irving has two years left on his current deal, with a third-year player option. That said, sources say several teams talking to the Cavs are in win-now mode and haven’t been deterred by the report.
  • Also, as several opposing execs have suggested, the Cavs may start to include new small forward Cedi Osman in Irving talks to offer teams (such as the Suns) a young player in return. Osman, 22, signed with the Cavs last month.
  • Here is a nice breakdown of what Osman can offer the Cavs (or anyone), from a few months back by Fear The Sword.
  • The Cavs have included Channing Frye and Iman Shumpert in Irving talks at different times, sources said. They clearly remain open to moving Frye and Shumpert, either together or separately, regardless of what happens with Irving.

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  1. Offer Osman in return because the CAVS need to offer a young player in return?

    Kyrie just turned 25. If the CAVS need to offer a second player, they almost have to use it to get rid of an older player. This eventual trade has to be about prepping the team for beyond next season.

    • I’m with you on that Brian. I think those who suggest including Osman believe that maybe that would be enough to bring back a Josh Jackson. Maybe not, too. But if so, I think the Cavs would make that deal.

  2. Great stuff as usual Sam. The Irving saga has at least cooled off on the national level, glad the Cavaliers front office is taking a patient approach to this delicate situation and is open to bringing Irving into camp, that’s the Cavaliers real leverage in any deal, to bring him back.

    I highly doubt any team has offered up their true “A” package yet. Suns, Wolves and whoever else are hoping to catch Altman and Gilbert in a knee-jerk reaction type deal that offers pennies on the dollar in terms of return value for Irving.

    • Joey, thank you. Those thoughts about no one offering their true A-level package and teams hoping to catch the Cavs off-guard are highly likely spot on. It’s just like any negotiation — no one starts with the best offer, right? 🙂 Thanks for the kind words and seriously great insight. – Sam

  3. Sam I feel as though I’m getting the feelings of the CLE front office channeled through you, like what they want people to think. They have to be panicking. They are in deep trouble with Kyrie, he can’t be on the team in camp. Take it from a Suns fan with Morris brothers experience: you don’t want that drama.

    As for Bender, I’m relieved the Cavs don’t want him. I know he isn’t much right now but in five years the kid’s gonna be a real player. I got bad news for all you Cleveland fans: the best you’re going to get is Bledsoe, Warren, and Mia 1st. You have to understand, the Suns aren’t in a hurry to win (young team in stacked West), and while Kyrie will definitely be an upgrade for the Suns, they will still likely miss the playoffs.

    Not only are they still missing the playoffs with Kyrie, but since they will win more games with him they are going to have a lower pick in the loaded 2018 draft. He puts fans in the seats and a few games on national TV but is that enough? The fact he’s a two year rental seals the deal: the Suns aren’t giving up as much as you want.

    • I got bad news for you PHX fans, you’re not getting Kyrie Irving without Jackson or Bender plus picks plus Bledsoe so its a moot point. Bottom line, Irving is 25 and a proven All-Star and Champion, he is under a team freindly deal for the next 2 years. His ceiling is a MVP. Delusional PHX fans think Josh Jackson is off the table to acquir this type of elite player? What joke. Jackson is nothing but a project, a projection, he has never played in a NBA game. Irving is a sure fire All Star and probable HOF, SURE FIRE. How did last years no 4 overall pick work out for you? Couldnt even put up average numbers on a lottery team now he is nothing but a throw in for a trade Irving will be a Cavalier next year if the deal offered to Cleveland dosent make them a better team, that simple. This isnt the first time two stars have on the same team have fueded and it wont be the last. The whole situation is not ideal but certainly repairable, much more so then all these fan bases outside of Cleveland would like to think.

  4. OK Sam………Here is a new Trade Machine gem I came up with:

    Cavs get the following:

    TJ Warren
    Bulls 1st
    Phoenix 1st

    Suns get:

    Bulls get:
    Josh Jackson
    Jared Dudley

    Instead of young player we get extra 1st and new starting back court with championship quality veteran to challenge next year.


  5. How aboutBledsoe,jackson,Bender,warren 1rounder

    • Now your talking! Hope that’s what Altman is asking for because that’s what it’s going to take. Not Bledsoe & Bender plus a pick? Bender was awful last year on a lottery team. Look at his stats: 13mpg, 3.5ppg, 2rb……You want him on the floor in a must win game 6 against Golden State in the finals?

  6. @Joey No delusion here, but if you think Josh Jackson is such a project, projection, why do you want him in a trade so bad? The overwhelming majority of Suns fans are content to pass on Kyrie if we have to give up any of our best young pieces (Booker, JJ). Kyrie just isn’t worth it.

    • I don’t at all, and i doubt the Cavs front office does. Its the Suns who think their being slick by offering Bledsoe, Bender and a pick, like thats going to be enough? No offensem, but the Suns are terrible, youve been terrible for the past 3 years. Suns were 34 games UNDER .500 last year and 32 UNDER the year before, yet you have all these “untouchables” on your team? PHX islottery bound for the next few years Suns are not going to get Irving, guaranteed, he would be miserable there, Irving is a champion and been to the last 3 NBA final. Build around your core and give the re-build a chance, i dont even know why they keep brining them up in trade talks.

  7. What are the chances we can somehow acquire Porzingis in exchange for Irving? I really feel Kyrie has us in a bind due to that “no commitment” talk. But all goes out the window if we can strike a deal with New York. I think the Knicks would be very confident Kyrie would want to stay there and be “the man” in the big apple. But the fact remains that neither Carmelo Anthony alone or Porzingis alone would be worth the tremendous value of a 25-year old Irving in his prime. However, putting Melo and Porzingis together in a deal to Cleveland would make for a very interesting return on KI. The question is, what else would NY demand in a package with Irving? Would they be happy with irving and Thompson? or Frye?… or would they demand that Kevin Love be included? Personally, i think that TT and Irving is more than fair enough in exchange for KP and Melo… but let’s say that Love needed to go out to make things work. We would probably need to get a 3rd team involved in order to make losing 2 of our “big 3” worthwhile. In other words, if we are losing Irving AND Love, then we better be getting back more than just Melo and Porzingis. Giving up 2 all-stars in their prime for a 33-year old Melo and a young Porzingis doesn’t seem like enough to me. I really would like to see a deal come together though, but I see Porzingis as more of a center than a PF, so I’d much rather move Thompson and keep Love to play with KP and Melo. However, that might not be possible in a blockbuster deal of this magnitude. I’ve never been sold on the idea of Tristan starting at center. He is simply too undersized defensively, not to mention a liability on offense. We need a center who does more than just rebound. If Porzingis could put on a few pounds, i think he would be a dominant center for years to come, especially playing next to LeBron. His ability to stretch the floor, along with his length / shot blocking is perfect for the Cavs’ center position.

  8. Cavs need to get Bledsoe,Chriss and Warren for Kyrie and maybe Shumperd to get us a draft pick.

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