Like father like son? Nance Sr. wants Junior to don his No. 22

Larry Nance Jr. could not be happier with how his transition to his new -- and favorite -- team has gone down.

Junior doesn’t want to, but Senior does. We’ll see how this turns out.

“Junior” is Larry Nance Jr., son of Cleveland Cavaliers legend Larry Nance Sr. — aka, his dad.

Upon being traded with then-Lakers teammate Jordan Clarkson to Cleveland on Thursday, Nance Jr. was asked by reporters if he would wear his dad’s number, 22, which is retired by Cavaliers.

Junior said he didn’t want to because that was his dad’s number and having it retired is his honor.

However, Senior has a different idea, which he expressed on ESPN’s Golic and Wingo radio show with Mike Golic and Trey Wingo.

“Well, it really wasn’t a conversation because as soon as he called me and let me now that he got traded here, I called the Cavs and said, ‘He can have the number. Please, give him the number,'” Nance Sr. said. “And I think he was calling, saying, ‘My dad deserves to keep that up there.’”


Nance Sr., a three-time NBA All-Star who won the 1984 NBA dunk contest, defeating the legendary Julius Erving in the final round, will bide his time in urging his son to don his No. 22.

“But I got this summer. I’m gonna to just let him wear 24, and hopefully, this summer I’m gonna to work on him all summer because I would be nothing prouder if he just had that number on his back,” he said. “He’s wore it his whole career. Well, he had to wear No. 7 in LA.

“But I would be proud if he wore it. I think he respects me, so we’re just going to have that conversation a lot this summer, and hopefully, I can talk him into it.”

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  1. This so dumb. Stop with the pressure. How about letting Nance Jr since he is a grown man decide his own choices. This is why many athletes dont want to play in their hometowns. This sounds like a personal family decision and lets keep sports out of it.

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