Report: James cursed out Cavs execs

During the much-publicized meeting where Kevin Love was reportedly called out by teammates for his mysterious illness, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James cursed toward at least two team executives because of  his growing frustration with the season and failing roster — according to a report from The Athletic.

James and former Cavs general manager David Griffin were very close, as Griffin reportedly kept James informed of all major roster decisions.

Current GM Koby Altman, however, does not have a relationship with LeBron and the Cavs’ front office completed the Kyrie Irving deal over the summer without consulting James, per The Athletic.

James wanted the Cavs to bring Irving to camp, but as Bleacher Report’s Ken Berger previously reported, Gilbert is “firmly in charge of basketball decisions once again.”

Via Jason Lloyd:

“Whereas Griffin would consult with James and keep him informed of major roster decisions, that is no longer happening. James doesn’t trust this front office, and there is no communication now between management and star player.”

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  1. It really looks like anything can happen with this Cavs team and organization… the whole thing is over the top, but it looks like things are coming to a head. The trade deadline would say a lot. But all the buzz is to trade LeBron to a contender.

    Personally, I would like to see him play for the Knicks, but James Dolan is a bad owner, so that’s a No-go.

  2. It’s over folks. Their isn’t a trade on earth that can save this ship from sinking. Thankfully I got to see 1 championship before I died.

  3. Gilbert has a junior achievement puppet front office with yes men and shills. There is no nba player personnel executive as koby altman is more like a junior executive in training with chris grant, trent redden, david griffin all of his superiors. His back ground in basketball reveals he is a GM in name only yet not in qualifications or knowledge. The nba commissioner silver should fine gilbert for mis representation and conduct detrimental to the nba as he has bailed out on the season leaving the game against the rockets prior to half time, and attending a game with trae young the day of an nba game against. A illegitimate front office is making a mockery of the nba as this childish felder/thomas/ trae young admirer seems to have many problemsthat prevent him from honesty and integrity an professional management necessary for an nba owner.

    • Gilbert sucks *ss as well. Letting Griff go with no legit replacement, the height of arrogance and idiocy.

      Gilbert and James a good match for each other.

  4. Hey LeBron, he’s just not that into you. He wanted to get away from you the way you once wanted to get away from Cleveland, go to a better situation where there was a light at the end of tunnel. Now the shoe’s on the other foot, and you’re exposed for the credit hogging front runner that you are. Want us to send you to Boston? Give us Smart, Brown, Taytum, and Rozier, no problem.

    Or would you like to go in the offseason and leave another wake of destruction behind the team you’re leaving?

    Everybody seems to sacrifice except “the King”. Do you realize that the guy you chased the first time, champion Dwyane Wade makes less than 2 million dollars this year? While you’re raking in 33 off your non-commitments?

    So done with this guy. Hogs all credit when TEAM does well, points finger of blame at everybody else when it doesnt. Fake leader and the majority of the media is complicit to rake in the dough. You’ll never be anything close to Jordan. Would you wave your nt clause so the Cavs please show you the door?

    • Relax there cowboy, you sound a little angry.

      LeBron doesn’t owe you, Cleveland, Gilbert, me, or anyone anything. And he doesn’t have to be Michael Jordan, he just has to be the best LeBron James he can be, which is better than 99% of all the NBA players who have ever played in the league.

      • If you’d read, the problem is he acts like others owe him. From Kyrie to Dan Gilbert to the current roster if they dont cater to his way. He’s a spoiled and entitled little kid. He’s owed nothing.

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