Cavs clutch Nets pick with all their might

LeBron James will most likely not be a Laker if he opts out of his deal as expected this summer, according to a report.

Without having a clear idea of what LeBron James will do in free agency this summer, the Cleveland Cavaliers are clinging tightly to their top draft pick ahead of the Feb. 8 trade deadline.

In fact, it appears the Cavs will only use the pick in a trade that would bring back the brightest of stars.

The pick in question comes from the Brooklyn Nets, via the Boston Celtics. With the way the Nets’ season is going so far, it would not be a shock if the pick fell somewhere in the top 10 of the draft.

That’s some lofty lottery status — so lofty, it seems, not even Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan is deemed worthy enough for the Cavs to move the pick.

Jordan, of course, has been linked to the Cavs since Amico Hoops reported on their interest in late December.

“Their most valuable asset is the draft pick they got in the Kyrie Irving trade. They will only use that, I’m told, on a player they think can put them over the top,” NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski said on ESPN’s Outside the Lines. “One player they’ve discussed, DeAndre Jordan, does not rise to the level in Cleveland of putting that Brooklyn pick in (a trade proposal).”

That leads us to James. He can become a free agent at the end of the season. We all know James, and we all know how he loves to play the free-agency game. He loves to keep everyone guessing. That includes Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and general manager Koby Altman.

“That has complicated, really since the summer, how they approach making deals, getting their team better, because they don’t know what LeBron is going to do in free agency,” Wojnarowski said.

That doesn’t mean potential talks centered on Jordan must immediately die. Don’t forget, the Cavs also have their own first-round pick.

“That’s available in almost any relatively significant deal they might do,” Wojnarowski said. “But they’re holding that Brooklyn pick for someone that may not even become available. They’re using that pick for a star.”


1. Wojnarowski also reported the Los Angeles Lakers are making guard Jordan Clarkson and forwards Julius Randle and Larry Nance Jr. available. You can be sure the Cavs will poke around and find out what’s going on there. Their interest in the high-flying and shot-blocking Nance Jr. is likely to be particularly strong, given the family’s ties to the organization and area.

2. Neither Derrick Rose (ankle) nor Iman Shumpert (knee) will return this week, coach Tyronn Lue told reporters. Earlier, Lue had indicated Rose could possibly play during the Cavs’ road swing, which continues Thursday vs. the Toronto Raptors and concludes Friday vs. the Indiana Pacers. Perhaps either Rose or Shumpert, or both, could play Monday at home vs. the Golden State Warriors.

3. James isn’t the Cavs’ only notable free agent at the end of the season. Isaiah Thomas is one, too. Like James, the Cavs’ are interested in retaining Thomas at the end of the season — and would be regarless of what James decides to do, according to an ESPN report. That, of course, is assuming Thomas remains healthy and able after missing the first half with a hip injury.

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  1. Yes, it is Lebrons right to not commit, but have to wonder if he ever grasps how it affects a teams ability to build. I commend Cavs on holding Nets pick. Getting more money from owners to players is more important to Lebron than winning. I would love to see them turn IT and Tristan into those 3 Lakers via Phoenix. Should trade Rose as there will be pressure to play him and he is at best 4th pg in terms of winning. I am afraid Cavs have become too ‘name’ and points centered. Korver should be traded also. Doesnt matter how many u score if other team scores more.

  2. Here is the trade that needs to happen:

    Tristan – LAC
    Nets Pick – LAC

    Shumpert – MEM
    Rose – MEM
    Cavs Pick – MEM

    DeAndre – CLE
    Tyreke – CLE
    McLemore – CLE

    • Can’t trade both the nets pick and our own 2018 pick because we traded our 2019 first. Essentially, because the cavs don’t have much assets in the way of players, we can only make one solid trade, if we make one (Unless for some reason a team actually values TT, Shump, or JR enough to trade for them without asking for a pick). So if the Clips aren’t willing to trade DJ to us without the BKN pick we can either go after a player like Tyreke for our pick + salary match, or go all in for Jordan. I would love to see us convince the Clips to take on JR’s contract along with TT for both DJ and Lou Williams, don’t think we’d give up the BKN pick without Lou as well. Would be risky because that’s 4 major free agents (I.T, Lebron, DJ, Lou Will) at the end of the year that would need to be resigned to make that trade worth it, but it’s not my money so I’d love to see if happen. No matter what people think of the deficiencies of DJ, or how he’d be against the warriors, I find it hard to believe it would be worse than the way we are currently constructed. Brian Windhorst was laughing about how D.Wade might be our best rim protector. At least when guards turn the corner they have to think about driving on DJ, right now, with K.Love manning the five, they don’t hesitate to go straight at him or TT.

    • Not bad….I would do that. Adding two SOLID starters. Only thing is I would want and extension on Jordan if I’m giving up Brooklyn pick.

  3. I think anyone on the roster other than LeBron and Love can be traded at this point. You have to think ahead to Thomas’ future, and I think trading IT before the deadline is the smart thing to do based on the situation. This Cavs team does not need a star player at PG, and certainly not a max contract… not with LeBron and Wade on the roster. What we need is a better defender at PG. Jose was actually doing a very good job defensively when he was starting. Why is Thomas being thrown into the starting lineup so soon anyway? Is Lue that stupid? The chemistry is gone at this point. If I were the Cavs GM, I’d looking to trade Thompson, Thomas, Crowder and Smith. Crowder has been a huge disappointment defensively. We need an upgrade in athleticism and size. We basically need a starting center and a starting SG, and we need it now. Forcing Love to play center is a joke, and expecting Crowder to defend power forwards is also a joke. Crowder is the size of a SG. This small ball madness is driving me insane! We need a hug blockbuster trade, possibly a 3 team trade that lands us our 2 biggest needs (center and SG). Using the Nets pick is a must at this point. It has nothing to do with whether LeBron will re-sign. If LeBron does leave, then that Nets draft pick is not going to matter. Trade the damn pick and get the best players we can that will help us get better defensively. If there was some way we could work a 3 team deal with the Clippers and Hawks… Deandre Jordan and Bazemore would be a perfect fit here to start at center and SG. The combination of size and athleticism would make our defense a force. Trade Thompson, JR Snith, Thomas and Crowder, and the Nets pick… trade them all and get some better defensive players on this roster.

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