Cavs Notes: LeBron, Bucks, chemistry

LeBron James and the Cavaliers face an up-and-coming Bucks squad.

LeBron James is a go for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ second game, Friday at Milwaukee. ‘

There was never a ton of doubt, but James’ uncooperative left ankle is still sore, leading to some speculation he may sit out.

But James and Cavs coach Tyronn Lue made it clear at Thursday’s practice that James is all in for Game 2.

That’s good news for Cavs fans, Bucks fans and pro basketball fans all across the world. If you love this game, you love watching James play.

In the season-opening win over the Boston Celtics, James went for 29 points, 16 rebounds and nine assists.


The Cavs and the Bucks each opened their season with a win over Kyrie Irving and the Celtics. And if you think James was impressive vs. Boston, check out the line from Bucks swingman Giannis Antetokounmpo — who finished with 37 points and 13 rebounds.

“He came into the league young, athletic. Now he’s really figured it out, on who he is and how to play, making guys better, rebounding the basketball,” Lue said.

“He’s a complete player, so, he’s tough to guard. A lot like LeBron in transition as far as pushing the ball, attacking the basket and getting into the paint. He’s really developed into a great player.”

The Bucks are more than just the Greek Freak, however. They gave the Cavs fits last season with a young, scrappy and athletic lineup.

“They have so many guys that have been very dynamic and can do multiple things,” James aid. “We should look forward to the challenge. They’re a really good team and they’re trying to make the next jump up the Eastern Conference as they stated over the summer and so far throughout the season.”

Tipoff is 7 p.m. EST on ESPN.


With a glut of newcomers, including starters Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose and Jae Crowder, and a shorter training camp, the Cavs admittedly are still getting to know each other on the court.

“It’s taking all of us to remember how to play,” James said. “It’s not just me and D-Wade. We’ve got (eight) new guys. It’s also taking Coach Lue as well. He told us as well. So it’s not just about D-Wade and myself, it’s about everybody.”

Added shooting guard Kyle Korver: “We’re going to find our way. That was literally the second or third time we had all our guys together, it happened to be the first game of the season.

“We’re piecing things together, we’re trying to figure out lineups, we’re trying to figure out minutes. Ty just said, ‘Be patient with me.’ I think we’re all fine. We’re going to figure it out.”

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  1. Not just the Bucks, a lot of other teams can also give the Cavs fits this year until Lue really starts to coach. I mean, letting James play 40+ minutes and hoping that the things will take care of themselves, will never make the cut. Well, may be it’s too harsh about him – but not by much!

    A 6’6″ guy as PF AND Love as Center? Weren’t we talking about better rim protection?! If we needed floor spacing and a big-ish PF, why not play Crowder at 2 and bring Jeff Green at 4. Crowder is a good 3-pt shooter. Green is a better shooter than TT. DWade can then play back-up PG until IT returns.

    How about giving Zizic some meaningful minutes? Even if James is apparently reluctant to try a rookie, it’s Lue’s job to convince him. We should try Zizic out till we get Cousins (hehe, that’s who I believe we’re gonna get).

    How about using our so-called “deep” bench really deep? I understand that Lue played 10 guys out of 14 (IT injured) against Boston. But if that doesn’t take load off of James, what use having a deep bench?

    Start Rose-Crowder-James-Green-Love
    Bring Wade (Calderon), Korver (Osman), Smith (Shump), TT, Zizic (Frye) off the bench. GSW can keep wear and tear to the minimum by using their bench effectively.

    More than a playmaker, we needed a coach last year. A coach who can call the shots – at least some of them.

    • Love the comments, love the bench idea! And I’m beginning to jump on the Cousins-is-coming bandwagon too.

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