Agent: Winning, not location, LeBron’s priority

Cavaliers star LeBron James enters free agency yet again in July.

Rich Paul is the agent for Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James, which means a big part of Paul’s job is to advise James.

And from the sounds of things, Paul thinks James should make the Cavs a priority in free agency.

“For anywhere – not Los Angeles, not Miami, not Detroit, Milwaukee – I think for LeBron, and for most athletes, the most important thing is about winning,” Paul said on appearance on The Herd (via NBC Sports). “At his level, it should be. It should be about winning at his point in his career.”

Then Paul pointed out the obvious — James has been winning plenty since returning to the Cavs in 2014.

“Cleveland won 60 games and went to the Finals three years in a row,” Paul said. “So, I think his focus should be there. I think he owes that to his teammates and he owes it to the organization to keep his focus on the Cleveland Cavaliers for right now. And my job is to, at such time, give him the advice that he wants and prepare him to be able to make whatever decision he wants to make at such time. Right now, that’s not the time.”

James, 32, enters free agency yet again in July. The Cavs struggled for the early part of November after trading Kyrie Irving to Boston and adding eight new faces.

Things have gone better lately, with three wins in a row and four of five overall heading into the weekend.

Still, speculation on James’ future has ranged from him staying with the Cavs and finishing his career in Cleveland, to him departing for Los Angeles or some other far off destination.

On media day, James said his goal is to win more championships with the Cavs. But until he signs on the dotted line, there will be endless rumors and reports that he will leave the franchise a second time.

Paul, perhaps, calmed some of that talk, even if just for a short while.

3 Comments on "Agent: Winning, not location, LeBron’s priority"

  1. He can win plenty this year. But may have to wait for IT’s return. That, and a little better coaching should reduce his playing time, too.

    When everyone in this team is healthy, and when we stop dreaming about a legit Center like Cousins/MGasol/Gobert, I would like to see this line-up:

    IT, __, LeBron, Love, TT.

    Now, I think Green can start at #2. He is a SG/SF/PF and has been playing really well. Even Crowder can start at #2. But I think it will ultimately be JR. I am almost fine with that.

    IT and LeBron should split time in the second and third quarters.

    IT should have Crowder playing with him – simply because they know each other’s game well. Rose can play alongside IT – they will complement each other well. TT and Love in that line-up would be great.

    LeBron should play with DWade, Korver, Green, and Frye. That’s almost the line-up that tamed the Knicks the other day!

    I still believe that Cedi, Ante and Holland should get some playing time. Whatever I have seen of Cedi and Ante, I feel that they can contribute to the team’s championship run. Calderon was not so wise buy!

    But, all said and done, this team can’t compete with the GSW. NO WAY. Even if we start defending the perimeter well.

    We do need a big man. A big defensive presence. I would like to believe that Koby is testing the water – what the Cavs can get for any combination of the Cavs’ own 1st round pick, the acquired 2nd round pick from Irving trade, TT, Shumpert, and Frye. The new one has to be better than TT, at least, in terms of defense and free throws.

    Let’s see.

    • Brandon Teel | November 16, 2017 at 2:52 pm |

      I want DeAndre Jordan he is a beast on the glass and is that shot blocker the Cavs lack. I doubt if the Clippers would part with him this season but he is a free agent at the end of the season so if I were Cleveland I would go after him for sure that could be a game changer. I wish we could trade for him now trade TT maybe Shumpert and our first round something of that nature. If the Cavs had a big center like that I think they could dfend the perimeter better not having to try and help love and his sorry defense. A dream I know for this year but I can always hope.

  2. I don’t see LBJ leaving the Cavs. I reckon its 90 – 10 he stays. On the off chance that he does head west it wont be to the Lakers, as is all the talk. If, and that’s a massive if, he leaves he will head to a contender, Spurs or Rockets. Clippers would be the likely LA team he would end up at IMO. They kind of have the pieces already that would make them contenders if he decided on moving to LA. Lakers don’t have them.

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