Cavs land Nance Jr., Clarkson from LA for IT, Frye

Jordan Clarkson (6) and Larry Nance Jr., now Cleveland Cavaliers, will take on their former team, the Lakers, for the first time Sunday night at Staples Center.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers have agreed on a trade that will send LA forward Larry Nance Jr. and guard Jordan Clarkson to Cleveland in return for guard Isaiah Thomas, forward Channing Frye and the Cavs’ 2018 first-round draft pick, according to a report from ESPN.

Per the report, the Cavs’ pick is protected.

Thomas did not fit with the Cavs during his short time in Cleveland, and the Cavs have been on a mission to move him within the past 48 hours. He was obtained in the Kyrie Irving trade with Boston in August, but his Cavs debut was delayed after suffering a hip injury in May.

After a strong first two games, the Cavs viewed Thomas’ presence as “toxic,” both on the court and in the locker room, a league source told Amico Hoops.

Meanwhile, Frye was viewed as a positive locker-room voice and important piece during his two-and-half seasons in Cleveland. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and general manager Koby Altman were clearly hesitant to let him go.

But the Cavs viewed this as a deal that was too good to refuse — enabling themselves to pick up a rim-protector and high-flyer in Nance Jr. and an underrated combo guard in Clarkson.

Nance Jr. immediately becomes the team’s best defender and dunker, with Clarkson playing the role of both facilitator and scorer in the backcourt.

The Cavs also got younger while holding on to their coveted Brooklyn pick.

Nance Jr., 25, is in his third NBA season; Clarkson, also 25, in his fourth. Both players have spent their entire careers with the Lakers.

“I have been talking to guys like, ‘Hey, if you are traded, you are traded. There is nothing you can do about it,’” Nance Jr. told reporters prior to the trade Wednesday. “Speculating or being upset about it before it happens does you, does the organization, does anybody no good. There is nothing we can do about it. We’re just pawns in the game at this point. So you put your head down, play hard, play for us.

“Jordan struggled with [trade rumors] for a couple of games,” Nance continued. “Julius struggled with it for a couple of games. As did I. But it is all about winning. I think we all kind of came together and was like, look, whether we are going to be here for another two weeks, another two months, it is not going to be any fun losing.

“So might as well leave a good impression if we are going to be gone. Winning gets everybody paid. Winning makes everybody happy and that is the goal. We all kind of checked our egos, checked our own personal problems at the gym door and are playing pretty good basketball.”

Nance Jr. joins star LeBron James as one of two Akron natives on the Cavs. Nance Jr. played high school ball at Bath (Ohio) Revere High, near James’ home. Nance’s younger brother, Pete Nance, plays there today, and his father, Larry Nance, is a Cavs legend with his No. 22 hanging in the rafters of Quicken Loans Arena and still resides in Akron.

The Lakers intend to keep both Thomas and Frye, according to Amico Hoops sources.

14 Comments on "Cavs land Nance Jr., Clarkson from LA for IT, Frye"

  1. Since they can no longer trade the Nets pick they might be done.

  2. Or wait maybe they still can. Sam help!

    • That can’t trade the nets pick unless the Cavs get back another 2018 pick in a trade. Since the deadline has come and gone, I guess we’re all stuck with a potential #1 overall pick again. Oh darn.

  3. Hmmmm……are they still in pursuit of D’Andre? Heard rumor of Love to 76ers for Darko Saric and a 1st rounder.

  4. Why did we give them a pick? They were trying to get rid of Clarkson anyway to free up space, and had to offer Larry Nance just to get teams to bite. The trade was fair with no pick. They get cap space to chase free agents, we get two young players. This is why Koby Altman is in over his head. Regardless, of how the trade works out our pick would have been useful in a different trade. This was done 3 hours early, and we still had time to hold off, and get them to just do it without the picks

  5. Yes! glad IT is gone. Trade looks good. Go Cavs!

  6. There is no way we can trade the brooklyn pick without getting an additional first rounder. Unless there is a secondary move this looks like an awful trade just to save dollars, and get us under the luxury tax.

  7. Why did we give up a pick? This leaves us with no pg, no second scoring option, and no center. WTF?

  8. Sam, if you’re going to trade a first-round pick, why not package that along with some of those players to Utah for Rodney Hood and favors. At least that way you get another scorer who could shoot, and a guy who can play center and defend and score better then Nance

  9. Cavs get Hood and Hill in a three team trade for Rose Crowder and Shumpert

    • AT least for now, this looks like the Cavs pulled off a highway robbery in getting Hill and Hood.

  10. great trade! got younger and more athletic. check with Jeff green for best dunker

  11. Ric Solomon | February 8, 2018 at 1:56 pm |

    Absolutely love the Cav’s deals thus far! Now if we could get Nerlens Noel from Dallas, that would be the move!

  12. HOW protected did the Cavs make that pick? Is it a lotto protected pick or did they make it larger? I’d love it if the protection was something like 1-20 protected. That way if something really bad happens, like a James injury, the Cavs would be getting two pretty high picks in what looks like a very good draft.

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