Your Ball: Where did Cavs go wrong in loss?

Jose Calderon showed his worth -- again -- for the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday night in Chicago.

The Cleveland Cavaliers trailed the Orlando Magic by an 8-0 count early and then what felt like 205-0 not long after that.

When the Cavs did do something right (the second quarter) they didn’t do it right nearly long enough (most of the third). That resulted in the final 12 minutes being a good place to go to watch NBA garbage time.

Now, you have to give at least a little credit to the Orlando Magic, right?


But when a team that has championship aspirations, like the Cavs, and trails by what feels like 100 points at home, like the Cavs, then you have to wonder … what happened?

In the end, the Cavs dropped a 114-93 decision and fell to 2-1.

So share your thoughts in the comments section below and get the conversation going. We’ll chip in when the opportunity presents itself.

Oh, P.S. Magic fans are also welcome. You deserve to gloat a little, I suppose.

As always, we look forward to hearing what you have to say.

2 Comments on "Your Ball: Where did Cavs go wrong in loss?"

  1. Wow where to start! No ball movement thought things were going to change with Irving gone. Calderon should be nowhere near this team, with IT injured & D Rose’s injury history we need a reliable PG to run the offense. Wade needs to become the 6th man get JR back in the starting line up & please find some more minutes & run some play’s for Korver!! Him draining some 3 pointers opens up our offense.

  2. Fire Lue

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