Report: Suns would trade Bledsoe, Jackson for Irving

The Suns reportedly want to trade for Kyrie Irving.

We can now add the Phoenix Suns to the list of teams trying to acquire Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving.

According to ESPN, the Suns would consider trading guard Eric Bledsoe, this year’s first-round draft pick Josh Jackson, and a future pick in exchange for Irving.

With Irving not possessing a no-trade clause in his contract, the Cavs can sit back and wait for the best offer.

Bledsoe, 27, told the Arizona Republic that he would like to play for a contender. He is represented by Rich Paul and Klutch Sports — the same agency that represents Cavaliers star LeBron James, guard J.RSmith and center Tristan Thompson.

Bledsoe has even worked out at the Cavs’ practice facility in the past.

Cleveland should be getting the moon and then some in return for Irving, who is just now hitting the prime of his career.

Adding Bledsoe and Jackson to the roster would make a lot of sense for the Cavs.

Bledsoe could either start alone, start alongside newly acquired guard Derrick Rose or come off the bench while Jackson would have James as a mentor at the wing position.

Cleveland’s highest priority is reportedly trading Irving for a blue-chip young player.

The Cavs want to remain title contenders next season while protecting themselves if James leaves in 2018.

While plenty of speculation abounds, the Cavs are said to not yet be near any deal involving Irving, who requested a trade a few weeks ago.

Sam Amico contributed to this report.

17 Comments on "Report: Suns would trade Bledsoe, Jackson for Irving"

  1. You give them Jackson, you dumb. Not worth it.

  2. Brett A Bland | July 24, 2017 at 10:42 pm |

    Would this be a good trade for the Cavs?

    • I think so Brett. Probably be hard to find too many better. You just hope Jackson lives up to the hype. If he does, it could be scary. Hope all is well. 🙂 – Sam

  3. Shane Christensen | July 24, 2017 at 10:55 pm |

    If Suns give up Jackson or Booker, they’re idiots

  4. Please do it cleveland josh is a beast.

  5. John the Suns Fan | July 24, 2017 at 11:23 pm |

    TERRIBLE trade for the Suns! No way they should include Jackson for the SELFISH Irving

    • I am finding many Suns fans agree with you John. Thanks for commenting! – Sam A.

    • How is it a terrible deal for the Suns? They would be giving up a PG they want rid of, and a young guy who may or may not end up living up to the potential he has, and they are getting a championship winning all star in return to pair with Devon Booker in the back court.

      I don’t really know too many teams in the league who wouldn’t jump for that back court duo.

    • If not Josh Jackson along with Bledsoe, Derrick Jones Jr can be paired with a future pick.

  6. Bledsoe + 2018 1st round pick and either TJ Warren or D.Bender but leave Josh Jackson out of it. Gotta have his energy and defense. Kyrie would make Booker that much more dangerous by giving other teams someone else to guard while making the Suns attractive for future FA’s. Booker and the young guns don’t do that, sorry but they just don’t.

  7. If this happens I’ll never watch another game and burn all my Suns gear. Garbage.

  8. Bledsoe, Jackson and a pick is a great haul for the Cavs. Checks all boxes. Win now player, future player and a pick. Expand it to include Shump for Chandler and it’s a grand slam!

  9. I am not crazy about that deal because Jackson plays the same position as LBJ. Maybe I’m an optimist thinking if we pull off the right deal LBJ will finish his career here. I like Bledsoe but would rather have Wiggins vs. Jackson because he is PROVEN and can move right into starting line-up at SG vs. Jackson having to WAIT until LBJ leaves to get enough minutes.

    • George Thayer | July 26, 2017 at 7:38 pm |

      I’m with you in the “proven” thing. However, Bledsoe would be a huge need where as Wiggins isn’t. Wiggins is a good scorer but a ball stopper. He doesn’t possess ball handling, doesn’t pass and for all the hype, didn’t turn out to be the defensive player we all thought. Also, he can’t shoot the 3 like JR and with LBJ, he needs shooters to space the floor.

      So, who else would you ask from Minnesota along with Wiggins for Kyrie. I ask b/c with the Suns, if this report is accurate (and usually Sam’s articles are spot on and wouldn’t publish unless it was accurate), the Cavs would get the starting PG they need, a young player to take LBJ’s place next season and a 1st round pick. Even though we don’t know anything about Jackson cause he hasn’t played a second in the NBA. IN fact he hasn’t played a second in a NBA practice. At least he was a high draft pick and a very possible real need after this coming year.

  10. I call BS on this, the Suns aren’t giving up Jackson. I think the most they’d do is Bled, Warren, 2018 MIA 1st, and possibly Dudley or Chandler if CLE wants one of them.

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