Will Jefferson be Cavs’ odd man out?

Richard Jefferson and Kay Felder are reportedly headed to the Hawks.

Veteran forward Richard Jefferson could be the odd man out when the Cleveland Cavaliers decide to cut one of their guaranteed contracts, several league sources told Amico Hoops.

Jason Lloyd of The Athletic also suggested that Jefferson’s spot on the team is in jeopardy.

The Cavaliers have 16 players under contract, and must release someone with a guaranteed deal after signing Dwyane Wade last week.

Jefferson’s contract is worth $2.5 million, but as Lloyd noted, it will cost Cleveland about $10.5 million in luxury taxes, given that the Cavs are a repeat offender.

The Cavs have recently explored making some smaller-scale trades, including some involving Jefferson, sources told Amico Hoops. But nothing has come close and the Cavs may just have to outright release a player.

Jefferson, 37, averaged 5.7 points and 2.6 rebounds in 79 games last season. He has been a favorite reserve of Cavs coach Tyronn Lue in their two seasons together.

Meanwhile, second-year point guard Kay Felder has a partial guarantee in his deal, and he too has been made available in talks, a source said. Felder, however, has drawn little interest. He is considered a long shot to make the Cavs’ final roster.

Finally, while the Cavs aggressively tried to trade shooting guard Iman Shumpert during the offseason, they found no takers. It appears talks centered on Shumpert have cooled considerably — though the Cavs are said to be open to revisiting those conversations before or during the season.

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  1. I can see something along the lines of swapping Jefferson & Felder (possibly a 2nd rounder) to Houston for a group of expiring contracts (Chris Johnson, Tim Quarterman & Isaih Taylor). Houston may have interest in a veteran like Jefferson and PG prospect like Felder to develop.

  2. Sorry, I wanted to refer to non-guaranteed contracts – NOT expiring contracts.

  3. You would think that it would be better if the Cavs can and do move the likes of Schumpert and / or Frye before Jefferson. It would go a long way to helping with the Cavs luxury tax bill, as at this point I would suggest that neither Schumpert or Frye, along with the likes of Tavares, Felder and Jefferson are needed with the way they have re- shaped the roster and added much needed depth.

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