Cavs willing to take on money for Kings’ Hill

George Hill of the Kings remains on the radar of the Cavaliers and Rockets, according to a report.

Not only are the Cleveland Cavaliers interested in obtaining George Hill from the Sacramento Kings, the team is willing to take on money in order to do so, according to a report.

Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders said on Twitter this is a step beyond what Cleveland had been willing to do in order to acquire Hill, a veteran guard who can play both positions in the backcourt.

Several sources told Amico Hoops last week of the Cavs’ interest in Hill. Sources later added a potential Cavs trade for Hill would possibly involve sending big man Channing Frye and shooting guard Iman Shumpert, as well potentially point guard Derrick Rose to the Kings.

ESPN suggested the deal would focus on Frye and Shumpert only, and perhaps a draft pick — something first mentioned by the New York Times.

The pick isn’t expected to be anything substantial, sources said, meaning it could be a second-rounder.

Added the Times: “Channing Frye’s $7.4 million expiring contract would certainly feature in any Cleveland/Sacramento swap and Frye would likely become an immediate candidate on the buyout market.”

Several sources suggested the Cavs-Kings deal could be finalized as soon as Wednesday or Thursday.

The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 8.

Sam Amico contributed to this report.

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  1. SMH….I don’t think he’s the answer unless he’s a part of a bigger deal that moves IT out of here. Tyreke Evans is a better fit for this team…younger, more talent and more versatile. He rebounds, creates off the dribble and can also run the point. He’s 6’6″ and would be a great sign in the off-season vs. have Hill for 2 more years around $20mil.

    • Hill can be traded for without having to give up a first round pick, Evans can not. Hill’s 19-20 is also only guaranteed for $1 million. Trading for Hill gives you the flexibility to make a second move, Tyreke would most likely be our one and only deal. Essentially, we can add Hill, and the only real “asset” that would be going out in the deal, is Frye’s expring $7 million dollar contract. I’d much rather have Hill + a second move, than Tyreke Evans. Another tidbit that should convince you which move is better, we wouldn’t have Tyreke’s bird rights, so there is no chance we’d be able to resign him unless he takes vet min/MLE.

  2. brett bland | January 23, 2018 at 5:00 pm |

    Jacob, isnt tyreke evans a free agent at the end of this year? I would like to see us trade for him and marc gasol. I don’t think we have to give a draft pick. Memphis wants to drop salary and if we take on gasol they will throw in evans. We send them Tristian thompson and an expiring contract.

    • Reports say they’re asking for a first round pick just for Tyreke, he is a free agent, but they don’t have his bird rights, so neither would we. They have also been very adamant that they aren’t trading Gasol. That could change, but even if it did, it would most certainly be for more than a salary dump. Also, Tristan’s contract is seen as a negative, that wouldn’t be a very good salary dump for them. Would only save them like $7 million each of the next 2 years, and Tristan hasn’t been good this year on the court. Gasol still has positive trade value, he’s signed for 2 more years and can still make a real impact for a playoff team. He’s not a superstar anymore, but he’s far better than any roleplayer out there.

  3. How does George Hill make the cavs better? He doesn’t. Is that hard for the front office to understand?

    • Care to elaborate? He’s shooting 45% from three, even higher on spot-up attempts, he’s a proven defender, plays multiple positions, and isn’t going to require a first round pick. He’s a phenomenal complementary player for Lebron and D.Wade. I’m not sure who you think the cavs are adding for Shump and Frye that is better than George Hill, you can’t force teams to trade you their best players because you want them too. Is George Hill as good as Paul George? NO. But a guy like Paul George isn’t available, period, let alone for our bench warmers. This clearly makes the cavs team better.

      • do your research before you cal people Jacob

        Hill has been an effective defender against the ballhandler on the pick and roll (0.68 points allowed per possession, top 13 percent of the NBA) and spot-up shooters (0.96 points allowed per possession, top half of the league) but still allows 0.87 points per possession when cited as the closest defender. That’s higher than the defense Isaiah Thomas is providing since his return (0.70 points allowed per possession) and only a slight improvement over backup point guard Derrick Rose (0.9). In addition, Hill’s durability is in question: The 32-year-old has played more than 50 games just once from 2014-15 to 2016-17 with concussion and various injury concerns. For a team like Cleveland that is already the oldest in the league, the risk here might be more than the reward.

  4. Ok, Cavs fans, what do you think will happen tonight against the Spurs? Another massacre or do the Cavs show up and fight?

    Team chemistry seems to be at an all time low. Just a couple days after Korver said they all need to look in the mirror, they are pointing fingers at Kevin Love for calling out sick? What happened to the maturity Korver spoke of?

    Tune in tonight for the latest episode of As the Cavs Burn!

  5. Id take on Hill and the extra money, but it has to be JR Smith that is going to the Kings. Its the only way it should happen. Holding onto Shump at least has the upside of him being a much better defender than JR.

  6. I’m hearing that Dallas could be the 3rd team involved. i wonder if we are shipping out JR Smith and Thomas? Makes sense to me, especially if we could replace JR with Wesley Matthews. We would basically be adding 2 great perimeter defenders in exchange for a few players who havent lived up to their potential and Frye. After that, we could swap Thompson & Zizic for Deandre Jordan & the Nets pick. We get 3 starters who can all help us defensively in a huge way. Salaraies work in both trades.

    • This is what our roster would look like after these 2 moves. Plus we free up a few spots for possible buyout free agents:

      C D. Jordan
      PF K. Love
      SF L. James
      SG W. Matthews
      PG G. Hill

      PG Wade, Calderon
      SG Korver, Osman
      SF Crowder
      PF Green
      C buyout/free agent center (Bogut?)

      • And the Cavs old team gets even older with these moves? The Cavs need to get younger, not even older than they already are.

        • Besides, Matthews really isn’t that good a defender. Shumpert is a better defender. Cedi Osman is a better defender. Jeff Green is a better defender. If we are getting Dallas involved, why aren’t we going after Nerlens Noel? A good, young, defensive centre? Id rather Nerlens Noel over Deandre Jordan or heaven forbid, going back to Andrew Bogut.

          • Matthews isn’t my top pick for a SG either, but if Dallas is involved as the 3rd team, we are obviously interested in someone from their roster. Noel might make sense, as a backup center, because Noel is certainly no Deandre Jordan. I think the scenario is getting Sacramento to send a pick to Dallas, and Dallas giving us a player in return.

  7. Oh man if Golden State picks up a bought out Channing Frye.

  8. How does George Hill help the Cavaliers?

    Well, if he takes 15 minutes away from Isaiah and 15 minutes away from JR, then that is an improvement

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