Cavs allow two trade exceptions to expire

As expected, the Cleveland Cavaliers have allowed two trade exceptions to expire this week, as noted by HoopsRumors.

The trade exceptions were part of the deal for sharpshooter Kyle Korver, acquired by the Cavs one year ago.

One of the trade exceptions was worth $4.8 million and simply expired. The other was so minuscule it’s hardly worth mentioning.

That said, Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman is still armed with several trade exceptions, which can actually prove to be quite valuable to help push through a potential trade. The most valuable of those is the one worth $5.8 million — which the Cavs can dangle as part of a potential deal at the Feb. 8 trade deadline.

If not, the $5.8 million exception doesn’t expire until August, and the Cavs could hold on to it for what could be a busy offseason, with the impending free agencies of LeBron James, Isaiah Thomas and others.

Granted, trade exceptions are not players and only the most die-hard of NBA fans really care about them. A lot of fans, however, don’t even know their purpose.

In brief, trade exceptions enable teams to acquire more salary than they send away in trades. Teams have up to a year to use them, or they simply fade away.

The exceptions can prove to be valuable for teams such as the Cavs, who are way over the salary cap.

3 Comments on "Cavs allow two trade exceptions to expire"

  1. Hey Amico I was thinking of af ways the Cavs could get better since we obviously need to upgrade the roster in order to win a championship this year. I looked at the trade machine and an interesting trade came up Memphis is going nowhere they want picks and they also need to trade some of their better players that way they can get a higher pick. Proposed trad3 is Thomson,Shumpert,Brooklyn pick and Cavs first rounder in 2019 for Marc Gasol and Tyreke Evans. Cavs get the things they need the most a 3 and D guy in Evans who can also replace Jr in the starting line up bc he can’t be there anymore and we finally get a rim protector who is also a good passer and a solid 3 point shooter. A lineup of IT,Evans,Lebron,Love,Gasol would be great and in the closing lineup we could have Evans,Crowder,Green,Lebron and Gasol that would be the most effective defensive lineup and a good offensive lineup. We can switch 4 positions and we have good protection near the rim with Gasol patrolling the paint.

  2. So they get even older? Gasol is 32 and you trade two 1st round picks for an old dude. The Cavs are losing because lack energy and motivation to run the floor nightly. Their defense is a joke and when they miss jump shots the other team gets the rebound and gets into transition and runs right by guys. Love is a 6th man at this point. I watched Bam for the Heatt night and I would take him over Love right now. Tristan looks like a stiff and since they gave him minutes the entire team looks like they have wooden legs. Speaking f wooden legs can Jay Crowder even dunk a basketball? Him and Love are 50/50 at the room. JR looks like a lost puppy and his defense is sooooo bad now that were actually looking for Schrumpert who can’t stay healthy or play consistent offense himself. What a mess of a team. Love goes to Minny and gives you 1 rebound and 0 points when it was obvious that Lebron (who played like he was old) tried to get him going early. They all look out of shape. Get radical trade Love, Tristan 1st round pick and get some guys with energy and passion to compete and run the floor. I would start Osman and Green and bring those other clowns off the bench.

  3. Please explain to me why Lebron likes to play with old guys whose athleticism is gone and they can’t play with energy nightly. Wouldn’t he be better served playing with athletic guys so that he doesn’t have to do all the casing which he won’t do nightly during the regular season. Plus their either jump shooters or slashers. What happened to having guys that can hit an open shot and finish at the rim? I buy the ticket to watch their games and their defense is atrocious. Lue man what are you doing? Love is so tender that if he misses a shot or two he falls down and trots back on D. Lebron is trotting around the court and JR gets beat off the dribble, on back cuts every play, He can’t guard anyone any longer. They covered for Kyrie so there are no excuses. They are an old jump shooting team that can’t even run up and down the court.

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