Lue: Cavs not best in East, ‘but will be’

Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue has missed nine consecutive games.

CLEVELAND — When people talk about slides in the NBA, they usually mention the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After all, the Cavs had lost eight of 11 heading into Monday’s game against the defending champion Golden State Warriors.

And based on record, the Cavs certainly are not the best team in the East. At least, not record-wise.

So does Tyronn Lue believe that the three-time defending conference champion Cavs the best team in the East?

“Yes,” the Cavs coach said when asked Monday night.

Well, what about the 26-16 record, which actually placed thew Cavs third in the East entering Monday?

“We’re not the best right now,” Lue said. “But we will be.”

It’s hard not to believe Lue, considering the Cavs seem to go on one or two of these slides every season since the return of LeBron James in 2014. And despite the skids, they also seem to bounce back up and contend for a title.

James, in fact, has reached The Finals seven straight times — one major reason Lue said he remains confident.

“We have thew best player in the world,” he said.

Along with all that, yes, the Cavs are exploring making a trade before the Feb. 8 deadline. But you need a dance partner and you don’t want to gut the roster.

So a lot can still happen between now and when the playoffs start in mid-April. And according to Lue, a lot still will.

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  1. Sam i know several professional basketball coaches who have worked in all elements from the nba, college, and international basketball. The all tell me that the cavaliers are disjointed, have no team chemistry, and no lineup synnergy or stability. When limburger lue stumbled upon a winning second unit going 18 and 1 he summarily changed this precision group and the team has been in disarray since then. Obviously he should revert back to the unit of wade,korver,green, frye,osman or crowder and take undersized crowder out of the starting unit and replace him with thompson. Stop using kevin love at center that is cruel and harmful to him and the team. Valenciunas and poetl man handled undersized love. Trade crowder and the cavaliers first round pick to the hawks for duane dredmon. The cavaliers could scrimmage without a head coach and no what lineups to use and get better results than the team hindrance lue. Plus gilbert traded irving to the cavaliers number one rival for a draft pick he wantas to use for next season when they will have a lousy team with or without that draft pick, the trade was not about helping the cavaliers to winning a championship this season but about minimizing damage next season what a shame. Eric bledsoe, t.j. Warren were a much better compliment than what they acquired from the celtics as is wilson chandler or farried/ mudiay .

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