Your Ball: Is Rose the answer for Lakers, Cavs?

Derrick Rose is expected to make decide where to play next this weekend.

Derrick Rose is truly one of the NBA’s more intriguing free agents.

Just three short years ago, Rose was a star point guard and the Chicago Bulls were a team on the rise with Rose, Jimmy Butler and a still productive Joakim Noah. They were viewed as the Cavs’ top threat in the East.

Now? The Bulls are a mess and Rose’s knees may be, too. But they may not be — no one seems to know for sure.

What we do know is Rose is viewed quite differently after a season with the New York Knicks. National pundits criticize his defense, his outside shot, his overall effectiveness. Some are basing it on things they’ve read, as opposed to actually having watched him play, but it’s hard to gauge how far Rose may have fallen.

The basketball travesty that was the Knicks is hardly a good measuring stick. And the triangle offense implemented by the Knicks is not an offense that’s resulted in big numbers from point guards. Ron Harper, Derek Fisher, John Paxson and B.J. Armstrong were others who directed the triangle, and while all were nice players, none are exactly headed for the Hall of Fame.

Today, Rose is drawing interest again — first from the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers, then the Milwaukee Bucks. More recently, it’s reportedly the Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers and even the Bulls themselves.

Rose is reportedly making a decision this weekend. The Cavs can offer him about $2.3 million, the Lakers nearly twice that much. The Cavs can offer him an opportunity to compete for a championship; the Lakers an exciting young team that appears to be on the way up.

So, where should Rose go? And will he even improve either club? Is Rose better suited to be a backup and occasional running mate of Kyrie Irving in the Cavs’ backcourt? Or would acting as a mentor for rookie Lonzo Ball with the Lakers be Rose’s next best move?

Where should he go? Let us know your thoughts on all things Rose, where he will play next and why, and even if you’d want him on your favorite team, in the comments section below. While we can’t always respond, we read every last thought.

As always, we look forward to seeing what you have to say!

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  1. I think Rose should go to the Cavs. It’s a no brainer. He can compete for a title and play significant minutes as opposed to be a mentor when he’s only 28. He can even play for a better contract 18-19 with a good playoff run.

  2. Would love him on the Cavs for that price. Playmaker off the bench, good size for a PG, still explosive and athletic even with the knee issues. I believe he was second or third in the NBA in PPG in the paint among all guards last year. Like you mentioned, Sam, the triangle isn’t necessarily conducive to PGs either. This would be a nice addition at a cheap price. Also, if I’m Rose, I’m going to the Cavs on a one year deal. Unless LA moves Clarkson I can’t see him playing more than he would in Cle anyway. Chance for a title, playing with LeBron, similar role etc. He may be advised to take a longer deal if LA or anyone else offers it simply because his health is always a risk. Regardless, I think he’d help the Cavs a lot.

  3. OTownMarine | July 21, 2017 at 10:18 am |

    This is a low risk high reward solution for the Cavs, *and* Rose. 4th best driving scorer last year and even w his ‘health issues’ still averaged 18/4. He doesnt NEED to play 48 a night w us. And granted, its a small sample size but the fact he’s avg’d 29 vs GS doesn’t hurt either. He’s 28(although his knees are closer to 40), and there’s frankly no better option out there given his skillset.

    For him, I think this is a win as well. Gives him a chance to win a ring, AND, if he balls out this year, he can get paid next year assuming he does well and stays even remotely healthy. Why would he go to the Lakers, or Chicago??? If in fact he wants a shot at a ring, this is his best shot, THIS year. Lakers and Chicago are in rebuild mode. It makes little sense to go there unless it’s not about the chip, but all about that money.

    People bashing him and saying he’s horrible, clearly didn’t watch him much last year. Is he his former MVP self? No- but we do not NEED him to be. I say do it, it’s a win for both sides. And if he gets hurt, it was worth taking a chance.

  4. I’m all for the Cavs signing Rose to the veteran’s minimum. I think I’d rather have him backing up Kyrie Irving than starting alongside of him. This would probably mean dumping Kay Felder and no minutes for Calderon, but Rose is a clear upgrade over both.

  5. I’m a Lakers fan…I hope he goes to the Cavs. If Magic can’t help Lonzo mature…

    I like Ian Clark for the Lakers. There are plenty of vets on the team. Stay young stay in the system

    • That’s a great perspective Alan. Appreciate you visiting the site and commenting. I’d probably take Clark over Rose for the Lakers, too. Younger, better fit. Thanks! – Sam A.

  6. I would love Rose to come to the Cavs. He improves our team from last year. I think he would fit in well with the team plus he would be a lot closer to his son than LA. Question is does he care more about winning?

    • Thanks for the input Kristy! That’s a great question. I guess we’re about to find out. 🙂 – Sam

  7. If winning and re-establishing himself 50 player than Cleveland is the place for him. However as we’ve seen so many times before most athletes do not want to leave any money on the table…even if they are already well of. So my bet is he takes the money from the Lakers. I hope I am wrong for Cleveland’s sake. He would be a great addition at guard.

  8. Rose to the Cavs is a no brainer. Kyrie has always been more of a scorer / SG in all reality, and the Cavs have lacked another true PG to help him run the offense. Having 3 experienced PG’s on this roster is exactly what the Cavs need to get Irving the rest both he and Rose need to avoid injury and fatigue. Calderon will also play an important role at the 3rd PG spot. Between the 3 of them, our bench’s offense should run a whole lot smoother when Kyrie or LeBron needs to rest. I would still move Shumpert & Felder to make room for someone like Tony Allen, as the Cavs will also need a defensive stopper for certain situations. I’d also give Bogut another shot at center. We just need to make a trade that frees up a few roster spots to sign them.

  9. Do you think the cavs are intrested in trading for cousins and do you think the pels would go for love/TT and shump or cedi for cousins

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